Ibiza Wildlife


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At least the 2020 summer wasnt a total write-off...

I didnt know Ibiza had nesting sites. Here in the Caribbean it is a bit more common but you still feel blessed when you witness a laying/ hatching. Got to see one laying about 4 years ago next to my home. You can see them almost everyday here swimming in the shallows at certain beaches.

Anyway... thought we could have a positive thread about animals for a breif respite from, riots rape and pestilence currently discussed here. No pictures of Murder Hornets please!!!

Would love to know if anyone has seen a local hedgehog.


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We have lots of hedgehogs at the moment around the garden.. dog goes crazy when he gets a sniff,they fckn stink.. strong little guys we often here wheelie bin moving at side of the house and it was hedgehog pushing it to get passed...