Ibiza vs Croatia?


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Hi everybody:)

I have been to Ibiza for the last 6 years and love the island, the mix between good parties, good clubs, beautiful beaches an countryside, beautiful Eivissa, … .
But what about Croatia? I'm really interested to go there, heard so much about it (ex. Pag Zrce which seems to be the main spot?)
Is there anyone who has been to both Croatia and Ibiza? Can these 2 places be compared?

Many thanks in advance:)

Dirk Bigler

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Went to Electric Elephant a few years back. Brilliant being able to dance outside in the open air and probably a similar vibe to Ibiza in the eighties. Unfortunately not as liberal as Ibiza, so a certain element lacking. Different, more mature crowd at EE as well.


I've been to both and there is no comparison for me. Ibiza wins hands down. I was in Croatia for that Ultra Music Festival as well. The final day of the event which was at the island Hvar wasn't too bad actually, it was an open air at party at a great venue. Hvar was absolutely dead after it though. I still had fun in Croatia because of the people I met, but other than that, I found the natives to be quite close minded. Being born in Macedonia I could speak a little bit of Croatian to the locals as well, so you can't blame the language barrier on them being close minded. Much like the rest of the Balkans, they're quite conservative.

So yeah, don't expect any non-stop hedonistic partying like you get in Ibiza. The Ibiza atmosphere is infinitely superior. I think Croatia is a place more suited to families to be honest. I'm not a fan of the rocky pebbled beaches either. You gain something from any place you visit really, and Croatia is a nice place, but if you only have time for one, I'd pick Ibiza any day of the week.

Pablo Montez Junior

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Ministry have already put out a croatia cd and the alarm bells are naturally ringing.. It's only time before croatia turns into ibiza-lite, which would kinda defeat the object for people who go to croatia because it reminds them of OLD ibiza. Certainly a lot of people are attracted to garden/ee precisely because they're not (yet) commercial and because it's (still) a div-free zone. If Ibiza offered punters anything half as good as garden/ee/dimensions etc then the music heads would rtn to ibiza in droves but it's sadly not going to happen under the current political regime and whilst the island's greedy nightlife makes the serious bucks pulling in the trashy crowds. I still love ibiza as a tourist but it saddens me that virtually nowhere there caters for my tastes in music nowadays, and that is why the leftfield dance community is increasingly looking elsewhere..


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I do agree about the money thing about Ibiza & the bad side of nightlife with the commercial scene, but there is a good scene beside the big names promoters want to impose us & the big clubs. Just get close to local people in Ibiza & you ll find your fortune :cool:
Not sure 80% of spotlight heard about the names of the local djs of Ibiza :p even though they are famous, used to be famous & so on ...
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I was on the Adriatic sea coastline, near Croatia this june. Interesting that you mention this. I could sense a very reserved and non sensical nature towards foreigners as well. It makes no sense from a commercial point of view.
Ibiza has certain aspects that show rude attitudes sometimes towards tourist every now and then. But overall it is better. I mean, I think I have to draft and sign a communication treaty with them (croatians i met) just to communicate and speak "fun".

I am used to outgoing , funny, easy going and nice people.
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Sally Plant

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Hey guys, if anyone fancies partying in Croatia this summer and wants some tickets for Hideout Festival this year, I can help. It is on from 28th June to the 2nd July. Beautiful scenery, check out this video:

I have x3 tickets at £147 each = £441
x3 tickets at £152 each with an official festival brochure = £456

The lineup is amazing including Duke Dumont, MK, Sigma, Loco Dice, Gorgon City, Seth Troxler! Drop me a mail if anyone wants them to sallyplant@hotmail.com

Dirk Bigler

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I enjoyed Croatia when I went to Electric Elephant but the lack of proper planning and no Looky Looky men impacted levels of full on ness and empathy amongst others (not me mind)

Big Wox

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Holidayed in Croatia (when part of former Yugoslavia) in 1990 just before it all kicked off. Enjoyed it as much as you can when a teenager but always fancied going back one day.


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I'm doing suncebeat this year (soulful house festival) after my week in Ibiza so we'la compare both with my gf !


I went to the first Hideout festival, 2011 I think. It was a good week away but not a scratch on Ibiza. I enjoyed the open air partying, and the boat parties were ace, but it just has something missing (not just the availability of narcotics).


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Is it really that difficult to score dancing medicine there? I see the Sonus crowds at 8am and think these people have to be doing more than alcohol.


There was next to nothing when I was there, it was 4 years ago though and an up-and-coming party spot.