hi party peeps,

i'll arrive in san antonio bay on 3/8/03 sunday night at approximately 11p.m. i want to immediately party. where should i go? i want to enjoy all superclubs, e.g. space. what's appropriate fashion for all the superclubs?

does anyone know about the 4 star hotel BAHIA at san antonio bay?

your advice and help are appreciated.

thank you
Bahia is lovely, one of nicest hotels on San Antonio side of island.

As far Sunday night, Space is best thing on Sunday but as soon as it gets to midnight I am leaving when terrace shuts (just don't personally like inside of Space), best option for Sunday night is Defected at El Divinos.
Depends on what your really into....music wise.......Judge Jules night at eden on Sundays is always popular and will be commercial banging tunes.
I think Eddie Halliwell is playng the night you arrive and hes good too.

If you were arriving earlier your only option would have been We Love Sundays at Space but as you get to San An at 11pm I would suggest you get a few drinks into you and head down to Eden. Will be nice and close to where you are staying too.

The last thing you (well I mean I) want to do when you have just arrived is start trecking across the island looking for a club.
(Thats just my view on how it will be for you)
If you like the commercial stuff, I would definately go to Eden for Judgement Sunday. I went last year and it was cool, they had all like indoor fireworks and lasers and stuff. If you are going to see the Judge though beware! He was advertised as playing for 3 hours last year, 2 of which were in the funky room. But that was pretty cool too.

Happy Holidays x
Defo Judgement Sunday! i thought it was fab!. The Bahia hotel looks lovely also, i stayed next door to that hotel in June. :D
ya judgement sundays was banging when i was there two years ago,the funky room was out of this world,,going to space till 12 midnight first leave when the terrace closes dont like the inside
Yeah Judgement Sunday was great when I went last year - wot's that stretchy 'in the womb' cloth thing about though eh?? I must admit though, my favourite night last year was Cream at Amnesia with Picotto and Tiesto - just just fantastic. Roll on first 2 weeks in Sept when I'll be out there at last after finally getting 2 weeks off (it's busy at work ;-(