Ibiza virgin looking for some friends to show me the light!


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Hey, I'm stuck in Iraq for now so can't headout this coming year but am planning a huge 2011 spending spree out their to celibrate life (Didn't really have a reason so that's going to be it). I'm looking for some people who think they might be in Ibiza some time next year and might be interested in meeting up, hanging out, and generally have a great time in Ibiza. Hopefully someone who speaks spanish to help me out a bit (Took spanish and lived in Florida with lots of spanish speaking but couldn't pick it up, I can't roll my R's).

So really, anyone who wants to say hi, do it. I'd rather make some friends through PM first, and I have a whole year and a half before I'm heading out so why not. Besides, I plan on renting a big room in one of the nicer hotels so I might even be able to save some people some money by letting the room with me (Depending on where I stay.) Also, I'm an old fashion sucker so that means any women who might or might not want to hang out would suffer my old fashion values of paying. Just a thought. HAHA, so someone talk to me here, not looking for any favors, just some people to hang with (Because my friends can't afford the trip... ever, darn economy).
Hey whatsup man, welcome to the site. I was a former virgin last year and it was great. I went solo as well.

Check out my review if you like.
Keep an eye out for these two guys....heard they are making a sequel