Ibiza Virgin...Helpp!!!


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Hey, me and my mates r comin to ibiza for the first time this year...woop!
All we know is that San Antonio is the best place for a group of teens on holiday:D:D


Is there a big atmosphere/distance difference from San An & San An Bay??

Anywhere recommened thats cheap to stay and right in the middle of everything??

Best time to go??

P.s....found a deal...Blue Star Aps... San An Bay...End of june beginnin of july...any good??

Please Help!! :p

Terii xx
The bay is a bit far away. San An is where it all happens.

alpharooms.com is where i booked my hotel, is really cheap.
Hey Terii, I stayed in the bay last year, wasn't to far into the bay though so you have to watch that cause it does go on for quite a bit. I'd say we were a 15/20 min walk away from the westend, so it all depends how far you are willing to walk :p We went the 2 weeks at the glasgow fair and it was busy, but not too busy where you can't move in the clubs so i'd prob go around then, plus there was loads of scottish folk :-D Hope this helps you make ur decision, J xxx