Ibiza Virgin - Best clubbing nights out?


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Hey all,

Me and my GF are off to Ibiza (It'll be our first time) on the 17th of Sept til the 25th. I'm a bit of a Trance kid so Cream closing is deffo a must on the 18th (Will i be o.k getting tickets on the same day?) and i am planning on going to Sundays @ Space Closing on sunday and DC10 on the monday. Other than that little plan, we are just gonna see how we feel when we are out there and choose what clubs to goto, but i was wondering if any one would care too reccomend nights to go out to whilst i am over there, the trancier the better :D

Any other tips/hints/advice etc will be more than welcomed.




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What to do...

Just come back from our 4th year out there... miserable and fed up so helping you might make me feel better! lol

Must do for everyone who goes is Manumission... whether you get it or not, you wont ever go to another club night like it! Be sure to be in the main room for 2.30 for the start of the main show. This years show is the best yet. The council have forced Privellege (where Manu is) to close at 7am this year because of the amount of accidents on the road outside when it used to empty at 10am but if ya hardcore enough get the bus to space and carry on there from 8, and dont worry about it being empty cos the dancefloor is jammed as soon as the doors open.

Cream @ Amnesia is excellent too, but the music has changed this year, even Paul VD, it's more hard trance - hardish house, last year was more trancey.

Steer clear of the West End this year, going downhill fast - beered up idiots who only have England shirts in their wardrobe, prostitutes and more muggings that ever before.

Have a good time, we're jealous!!!



its good 2 hear u ad a
brill time cant wait meself
going in 2 days thanks for the good wishes


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Thanx for the tips, will be deffo checking out manu, we are going for full on clubbing mayhem so if i'm correct in saying, we'll be avoiding the beers boys in the westend like the plague.

Getting well excited now :D