Ibiza veteran review of 2002 first two weeks of September


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It was a strange year at Ibiza with a bit of moodiness about. I think a lot of this had to do with the drugs but seeing a row at Bora Bora was not a good thing.
There were several highlights like the day it rained at Bora Bora so the DJ just turned up the music and we all got off it under the canopy.

Also the discovery of Pin Up on a Monday evening. 10€ entrance and 7€ a spirit mixer. Now that is how all clubs should be priced! The terrace here was amazing and the music was spot-on as were the crowd.

Here is my step-by-step clubbing report:

Arrived Monday night and went straight to Pacha for Roger Sanchez. Good music, not a bad crowd, we enjoyed ourselves but it was nothing special.

Tuesday night Miss Moneypennys. A good night although we left it a little late to go and it was over in a flash. Nice to see Norman Jay again as well as Jim and Lee.

Wednesday Subliminal at Pacha. Amazing night. Xpress 2 were good but Darren Emerson ripped it up. The crowd were spot-on too. A quick word here about Tribal House. I was never a big fan but in big venues such as Pacha with solid sound-systems it really works if done right.

The party continued to Space for La Troya that was okay if a little bit like Trade for my liking. Still opportunity to thank Linda who helped with any entrance requirements.

Friday night Ministry of Sound Pacha. The best night I have had in a nightclub ever... Sandy Riviera, Full Intention and Mark Westhenry were on the decks. The music was dark, progressive and tribal. The crowd was full of fit girls from all over Europe, all up for it and all partying hard everywhere. An amazing night that I will never forget! (Although I can't actually remember many specifics to be honest!!!)

Returned on Saturday night to Pacha, a bit much I know but with a DJ line-up of David Morales and Louie Vega it's a little hard to resist. I didn't enjoy it at all and funnily enough didn't rate the music either!

Sundays at Space with Basement Jaxx on the decks. Amazing! I love this night and defy anyone who has ever loved raving in their life to go to this and not enjoy it.

Monday we were a little partied out as we had gone to Pin-up in the evening but managed to blag a free entrance to Manumission. Went to see what all the fuss was about. Rubbish to be honest but I did hook up with a nice little Italian number that took me to Space the next morning for a little carry-on. This wasn’t too bad but it meant I was too hammered to make it to El Devino that night for Moneypennys.

Wednesday again, Subliminal. Seb Fontaine was excellent. I haven't heard him play for a long time but he is still up there with the best. Eric Morrilo I found a little disappointing. Very progressive and didn’t move me to be honest.

Thursday chilled but passed through El Devino's for Salvacion, an Italian house night. This club has got to be the most beautiful one in the world.

Friday Ministry again with Tim Deluxe and Smokin Jo, very good indeed, not as good as the previous week but the after party at Space was excellent with Smokin Jo playing her best. I left this at 1900 on a Saturday evening!

Managed to get up and go back to Pacha for Frankie Knuckles who played an amazing set. This man is a legend; he knows how to move a dance floor all night and plays some of the best house music you are ever likely to hear.

Sunday at Space was my last party. Lottie, yousef did brilliantly on the terrace. Lottie played the last track, which was Bon Jovi Living on a Prayer, the album version, not a remix!!! Very strange but it seemed to work. I had a great time and even hang around a little to hear a bit of Sasha inside, just to see what all the fuss was about. Not bad but not really my thing to be honest.

It seemed this year that during the week things slowed down a lot a got a lot better during the weekends. A lot of people I spoke with seemed to just fly out there for a long weekend and in future I will do the same.

The beaches weren't bad but not brilliant. Salinas is always a laugh but the lack of sun lounges does ruin it a bit.

Well I'm back, I've quit my job, am unemployed and resigned to a week in bed to recover. Until this weekend that is...

Great to hear you had a good time
It was even better to hear that Lottie palyed that Bon Jovi track, sounds like she experimented a bit, that was great we want more of that please!!!!