Ibiza trip number 16! 25/06/13 - 03/07/13


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So after weeks and weeks of excitement my alarm finally went off at 8.00am, today was the day we went Ibiza, and I for one could not wait! Now to start things off there was four of us going, all of us fully paid up for the hotel, flights and 6 club nights each, however five days before we left my flat mate decided he didn't want to go, without giving us any reason, so it was down to three. We had all arranged to meet at my flat at 11am and for once the other two (J & D) arrived on time. I put Kevin and Perry go large on to warm us up for an hour then our lift arrived and we were off! We arrived at Birmingham airport at 1oclock and went straight through to departure lounge two. After an initial worry that our cases were too big we swiftly got onto our 3oclock Ryanair flight and off we went.

We landed two and a half hours later and promptly got through passport control and over to the hire car company. Unfortunately I hadn't been paid like I thought I had so my card wouldn't clear for the excess, luckily the hire company let me pay the excess waiver instead and off we went to San an to stay in Hostel torres (cheap and clean) for our eight days to begin.

We quickly checked in and popped up to our rooms, I had a balcony room all to myself and J & D shared a pool side room. At this point we were all starving so we popped over to subway for a quick snack. Once finished we walked back to the hostel and grabbed some Budweiser each, straight to the balcony for a few beers to get into the holiday spirit. After half an hour or so we looked to the right and saw a police bike park next to our hire car, then a tow truck, we all laughed and said “I will cry if that's for our panda”, next thing our cars being lifted so we ran out and were told by the police man that we had illegally parked (unknowingly we had) and that it would be an 84 euro charge to stop them taking it, we quickly paid up and moved the car to a correct parking space! This was the sign that it's time to go out so off we popped to the west end, D wanted to pop to a Scottish bar we spent a fair bit of time in last year so that's where we started with a jug of cocktails each, these were quickly consumed and then we went off to entice as I know a worker there. We all ordered “the drinks deal” which consisted of 2 shots each, a pint of vodka red bull, a jagerbomb and a cocktail each for 12 euros a head. These were again quickly consumed and ended up meaning J & D were nothing short of smashed! At this point we went for a walk and ended up in Ibiza rocks bar with another cocktail each, we sat down and J got talking to two randoms and managed to persuade them to come to amnesia with us as we had a spare ticket for sale! We finished our drinks and walked to the bus station, got on the bus which luckily was waiting there for us and off we went. D & J were truly smashed at this point, D was talking to most the bus and J was pretty much asleep! We got there and stood in the queue for around 20 minutes, constantly having J telling me he's about to wet himself. We got in eventually and rushed straight to the toilets, here we got a few supplies and we went to the dance floor, me and J consumed a supply each and within minutes J threw it straight back up, he then carried on telling me through the night how it was a dud as its doing nothing... I waited thirty mins and popped another as I wasn't feeling the night, as I did this J needed to throw up again, we were in the main room at the toilets and he just threw up all in the maids bucket! This was a sign that tonight had to end soon so I popped to the toilet and made myself sick to remove the latest supply, no way was I going back if I had 2 in me! We stayed for about half an hour longer but had to leave as J kept falling asleep, he point blank refused to leave as he didn't want to ruin our night but we couldn't go on any longer like this so we left as we were kicked out!

Quick review of what music I did see, well amnesia was very very dead compared to usual in the terrace (half the people I would estimate compared to the next week) so it felt a bit strange. I can't tell you who was on the terrace but the music was brilliant, lots of vocals and some deep hard bass to keep everyone happy, the crowd were going wild! When they finished we moved into the main room to catch magnetic man, I've seen them before at Ibiza rocks where they were incredible, probably the best music experience of my life but tonight they didn't even play there usual songs, there were playing a very housey set, not their usual style at all, it wasn't bad as such it just wasn't what I expected.

We got back to the hotel and unfortunately for me the first supply kicked in, no sleep for me, however I had thought of getting some smoke earlier in the day so I had a good few smokes before bed. This is where things when wrong for me a little, for some reason I started tripping hard, at one point I thought the next door neighbour had a circular saw and was trying to get into the room to kill me, I then rang my mate and told him there were thousands of frying pans in the corridor trying to get me…. J came and slept in my room and I quickly realised all the noises were the maids cleaning the room! So that was the first night over, J smashed, D soldiered on even in a state and me having 2 hours sleep feeling messed up, Ibiza had begun!!



Woke up feeling nothing short of terrible, it was apparent already at this point that today would be very uneventful. We all got up and jumped in the car and headed north with the intention of finding a random beach and spending the day there, after an hour or so of continually driving without ending up at a beach we were all happy with we decided to pop to playa den bosa for some much needed food. We ended up in some restaurant opposite la sirena near the jet apartments, me and J had a pizza and D had some pasta. We were all by this point feeling even worse so instead of going on the hunt for a beach we decided to pop ourselves on some sunbeds just up from Bora Bora. We stayed here till around 6pm then headed off and grabbed a quick McDonalds for snack. We got back to our apartment for 7pm and decided a disco nap was in order for us to make anything of tonight, this lead to us all sleeping through until Thursday, a massive waste of a day but it was much needed and meant the rest of the holiday was a success!

We woke up around 10am feeling 100% fresh and ready for the rest of the holiday, so we jumped into the hire car and head off to Cali Tarida, which ended up being the beach of choice for a lot of the holiday. We got there and parked up. We all decided we were starving so we went down the stairs to the beach and hit the first open beach bar we saw. We ordered bread and aioli (which I fell in love with for the rest of the holiday) and a pint of refreshing coke each. Once this was finished D ordered some chips, I ordered a gourmet burger and J ordered a chicken burger. Me and D really enjoyed our food, J hated his as he said it just tasted of herbs; I tasted his and thought it was lovely. After this we went down to the beach and managed to find three sun beds to sit on for the day. We chilled here for a good 5+ hours, eating fruits from the sellers walking about and purchasing some sun glasses off the looky looky men.

After a nice relaxing day at the beach we went back to San An and grabbed some crisps and some cans from the shop next to the hotel and chilled by the pool. We met a few workers who we spoke to for a fair bit and then popped back to the room for a shower. We then decided we should go and watch the sunset as J had never seen it before, so we purchased a few more cans and off we went. We arrived outside café mambo and it became apparent we were way too early so we decided to grab some food at a little café style by near mambo, we sat here for an hour eating and having a few more drinks until it was finally time to watch the sunset. As we stood there and the sun finally went down I finally got the feeling that I was back in Ibiza, that the holiday had really begun and the magic was there. It was a strange feeling but I always get the feeling after a few days in Ibiza, it's what makes it feel special.

The sun was set and off we started to walk towards the West end, tonight was the last night we had which we didn't have a club night booked for. We went straight to entice and ordered a jug of cocktails each. Because of all the food we had eaten since the beach none of us were feeling the drink and the night looked doomed, however the night ended up the complete opposite. We eventually got through our first jug and then we met a girl selling Jager, D fell for her instantly and ended up buying a fair few off her, we all had about 4 shots off her and were finally starting to feel the night coming along nicely, we all had another jug each and decided to go to itica to see what was happening that side of San an. We got there about 1am and it was dead, we decided to have a drink each and stay for an hour or so because even though it wasn't busy at all the music was amazing and there was still a good atmosphere in there.

This is when the night became a lot messier! We headed back to the west end and ended up in a sports bar up the main strip. We all had the drinks deal and consumed the lot at an alarming rate. We then ordered the same again and were truly spangled by the time we had finished. I remember at one point us sitting there and a bloke wearing a dress jumped on the back of my mate, sounds nothing but was so so funny. Soon as the drinks were gone we went inside and danced to some of the cheesiest music ever, however it just felt right at the time and an amazing time was had by all. D at some point in the night took a fancy to a worker there and she had agreed to meet him at 5am when she finished her shift and they exchanged numbers. We left the west end at 4:30am and went back to the room feeling absolutely smashed still. I went to bed and J and D stayed up waiting for the phone call at 5:00 to meet this worker. 5am came and D gave the number a ring, only to have a bloke answer asking who the hell it was ringing them! He was stood up a treat! At this point they both simply decided it was time for bed.



So we wake up on Friday about mid-day, expecting the worst with how we would be feeling but for some reason we felt perfect! Well except for being incredibly hungry that was. We again jumped in the hire car and drove to burger king in san an to grab a burger to get us going again. Once this was consumed we jumped back into the car and headed for Ibiza town, the first thing we did here was stock up on sun block, D didn't wear much the day before and had the reddest ankles you have ever seen! We continued to walk round the old town for a good few hours until we decided to catch the water bus over to playa den bosa, if you haven't done this before then I highly recommend it, the views as you go are amazing, a definite camera moment anyway! As we arrived in playa den bosa we just decided to take a slow walk back to the car in Ibiza town, this took about an hour at the speed we were walking but it was really enjoyable and 100% worth doing. We even saw 20 people on mopeds get pulled by the police all at once for having no tops on, safety in Ibiza, madness!

As we got back to the car we decided to head back to San An, grabbing some beers and snacks on the way. We took them to the pool and started talking to two new Zealanders that would end up making the holiday what it was! From Sunday onwards anyway) We polished off the beer in record time then jumped in the shower and headed to the west end for some pre drinks for Ibiza rocks that night. By 8 it was safe to say I was hammered drunk, the most drunk I had been all holiday no doubt, so off we went to see Mistajam and ms Dynamite. Walked into a fairly busy Ibiza rocks, grabbed 2 pints of very strong vodka red bull and sat by the pool waiting for the acts to come on. Charlie had come with me tonight but it was safe to say he had no effects at all, utter waste!
Also because of my friend Charlie I sobered up within half an hour of being there, something I thought I would regret, and when ms dynamite came on (not who I was there to see) I felt like I wanted to leave! However as soon as Mistajam hit the decks I felt alive, his set was unreal, the way he had the crowd going it was just mind blowing, honestly it was the set of the holiday for me, all three of us were in heaven and absolutely loving it! At one point he turned the music right down and got everyone on the dance floor to shout at the people on the balconies and then them to shout at use, he then did a little speech and he last words linked straight into the drop of the song he put on, the crowd felt electric, everyone was jumping round, smiling and genially having the time of their lives. I can't remember the last time I've seen someone manage to interact with a crowd so well, he really made the event seem personal and the energy he bought with him was a breath of fresh air compared to some dj's these days.

I must add at this point D decided to wear a blue morph suit this night, it's safe to say the attention he received was unreal, at one point I looked to the left to see him higher than the crowd, people were throwing him up in the air and catching him again, truly unreal experience! He also managed to get involved with his usual antics of having a dance off with whoever he can find, we've had many laughs watching this in the past and a lot of the crowd there agreed with the funny side!

The night was coming to an end and as I made my last trip to the toilet I was offered some beans, who am I to say no so two were purchased, I gave J half and I popped the rest. Twenty minutes later it hit him like a train, he was absolutely bouncing off the walls, nothing could stop him moving! The music finished and we virtually ran back to the hotel for a shower, at this point I also was smashed, we met two people from our hotel and they decided to spend the night with us. It was now only 12 and me and J were loving life so we all went to Itica for a dance, we stayed here for about three hours until we decided to head back in preparation of Sankeys the next day!




We woke up Saturday feeling a tad rough, so as usual we got up and headed for the car, I wanted to find a new beach so we went exploring, we ended up at some site next to what looked like a power plant, there was no real beach here but we explored some rock pools for an hour. I then decided we should pop to portinax, we drove right to the far end where the little beach is and the small restaurants and parked up. As we were all starving we went to a little restaurant to the left (I cannot remember the name for love nor money) and I ordered a steak and the others ordered a breakfast, mine was absolutely delicious and I would happily go back there again. Unfortunately however the flies there were a joke, to the point I felt it was a bit unhygienic, I do understand these things are natural but controlling them in some way would be nice.

Once we had finished eating we grabbed a big bottle of drink each and an ice cream and decided to go for a walk, we walked behind the car park and found ourselves by the water on some rocks. We ended up exploring round here for about 3 hours, it was beautiful and even me who isn't the most energetic person in the world was happy to be here all day. At one point J felt like jumping in the sea, however just before we saw something moving, it was then that we realised there were literally hundreds if not thousands of jelly fish down there, very luck escape as where he was going to jump in you had to swim a good 50m to get back out the sea, and there would have been no way we could have saved him.

We headed back and as usual grabbed some beers and sat by the pool, tonight was Sankeys and I was so so excited to get there, however it would soon be apparent that Sankeys was not somewhere J and D would enjoy….

We showered and got dressed and headed off to the west end for some pre drinks, asked for two jugs of sex on the beach and was given two pints of larger… brilliant. We drank these and strolled off to the bus station to make our way to Ibiza town. We got there and J and D decided they were hungry so we walked towards dalt vila and stopped at a little restaurant just by the fruit and veg market area. I ordered a spicy pizza and they ordered a four cheese pizza with a side of fries, the food was amazing here, the best pizza of the holiday by far. We washed this down with a beer and had a little stroll by the yachts. By now it was around half 11 and we had to be in for one to use our tickets at Sankeys. We jumped into a taxi and headed to Bosa.

As we were still pretty sober we decided to grab a few drinks, and as we were deciding where to grab a drink a pr came up to us on his way to work and asked if we would go to the bar he works, we thought why not, it was on the road to Sankeys and literally across the road. We got into the bar; he sat us down and had a good chat with us about where he was from etc., really nice guy. He then asked us what drinks we would like and if we would like anything else. We ordered two cocktails each, which ended up being the best drinks of the whole holiday and some wonky dust. We finished these and I tried the wonk, I was 100% feeling a little wrecked now, the other two however were stone cold sober… I could instantly tell the night wasn't going to be a success. We got to Sankeys and asked which queue we needed, they said the one to the left so we waited there for 15 mins, got to the front and was then told we needed the other! We finally managed to get in with a few minutes to spare. Got in and D instantly starting to feel uneasy at how wrecked everyone here was, and J moaned about the music, again brilliant. Someone offered us some beans so I purchased two, I took one and the other two shared there's. We went to the toilet and I showed them round, I love Sankeys, it's my favourite club there but the other two were far from impressed. We finally settled in the basement and I loved every second. I also though D was finally loving it, and I said to him this music is epic, he turned round and said “when is the music coming on” haha! J was lent up a wall asking when we could leave! I managed to persuade them to stay until about 3 until I had to eventually give in and leave. At this point the supplies hadn't hit any of us, and if they had I'm sure I could have persuaded them to stay all night. We jumped in the taxi to San An and then this is where the fun started. The supplies never hit me at all, but D on the other hand was in the taxi playing music from his phone into his ear going bloody mental! J was also feeling smashed, and as we headed towards San an, I was ready for bed (I must admit I was probly sulking a little haha!) We got back to the room and D for some reason kept running round the room pretending to mow the lawn, random but amusing. I told them two I was going to bed and they went to their room and sat up most the night buzzling round like idiots! I personally think that is karma haha!

We woke Sunday and I felt fresh as a daisy, the other two however felt a little different! We again jumped in the car and headed towards Cali Tarida, instead of going to this beach though we just drove about popping to as many different small beaches as we could, we ended up at the beach when sunset sharam is (if that's how you spell it) which was beautiful, but was way way too busy for us to chill there for the day. As we were parking up to have a quick look round however I tried to park up (I must admit the other two told me I wouldn't be able to park there) and as I did the car bottomed out on a some rocks and made such an awful noise! I pulled back off and parked up somewhere more sensible to check the car out, we looked underneath and we could see something dripping from out the car, I was convinced I had smashed the sump and was going to end up with a massive bill! Luckily there was no damage and as I hoped the liquid was water coming from the air conditioning condenser! Lucky or what! We jumped back in the car and ended up going down this steep dirt drack to another small gorgeous beach, this again was way too busy so we decided to leave. On the way back up the hill however our little beast of a panda couldn't get up, I was accelerating in first and it would simply stall! We turned off the air con and all the electrics and eventually the little weapon made it up the hill!

We headed back towards Cala tarida, past it and down some gorgeous twisted roads until we found another stunning beach where we decided to park up and have the best can of sprite I have ever had, its sounds strange I no, but it was perfectly cold, the views were beautiful and I really just felt at one with the island.

This is where the day went downhill for J, he informed us both how ill he felt, he did look pale tbh and at one point I thought he was going to pass out. We decided the heat wasn't the best thing for him so got him back in the air conditioned car and took him back to the hotel. It was about 5pm by now anyway so me and D grabbed some snacks and some drinks and headed to the pool. We sat there and got speaking to the New Zealanders properly (SB and SG), they didn't know anywhere to go etc. and wanted someone who had been there before to show them a few places, so as the drinks were consumed we left the pool and agreed to meet at 8 to grab a bite to each. We woke up Jay, got ready and then headed to reception to meet the others. Everyone fancied Italian so I recommended David's and we went there. As always the food was brilliant and so cheap, for five of us with two drinks each, at least two course each etc. it was around 80 euro!

Once we had all eaten we headed to the west end for some pre drinks, we had managed to persuade the SG and SB to come to we love tonight and wanted them to really enjoy themselves as there's a massive chance they won't ever visit the island again! We sat outside our usually bar and started playing some drinking games, it soon came apparent that SG couldn't drink to save her life and was smashed very very quickly, and also that SB thought he could drink loads but couldn't (if he reads this he will kill me haha!) We drank until around 12:30 am and then headed off for the taxi rank, we had one spare ticket which SB was having cheap and then SG was going to get one on the door. We got to the taxi rank and I said we need two taxis as there were five of us. At this point out of nowhere J said he wasn't coming, he didn't feel like it and wanted to save some money! SG grabbed his ticket and off we went.

Got to space at about 1am absolutely hammered, we walked straight in with no fuss and headed straight to the toilets! I always get confused by the names of the rooms for space but headed into the room directly opposite the exit of the men's toilet by the shop. Groove armada came on and we danced here for a good hour or so, me and D had dropped a bean each and were loving life, SG and SB really seemed to be enjoying themselves but you could see they wanted something more, so we headed into the main room and they both seemed to come alive in here, were danced here for a good couple of hours then popped upstairs to cool down. We then headed to the terrace and had a little dance to some slow but dark DnB they seemed to be playing (perfect style for me when starting to slow down) and then we left around 4:30am. Straight into a waiting taxi and back to the hotel to sleep!


We woke up and I text SB to see what they were doing, they had popped to a cheap bar by Ibiza rocks to grab some breakfast so I agreed to pick them up from there, we showered and then picked them up. We headed to playa den bosa to grab a burger king and decided what the plan was for today. SG and SB wanted to see some beaches so we jumped in the car and we headed towards the salt flats, got to the massive beach right at the end and there didn't look like there was room for a single other person so we turned round and I said I would show them Blue marlin, parked up for a while and had a good look around and then D and J decided we should chill at Cala Tarida so we went there.

We got there and SB and SG instantly fell in love, we grabbed some sun beds right by the bottom of the stairs and everyone ran into the sea. After a few hours we all chilled by the beds and D and SG ordered a cocktail and some deserts, I grabbed a few CD's as the ones in the car were becoming boring and we sat talking rubbish until about 6pm. We then headed back to the hotel and SG told us she would join us tonight for ASOT, however SB said he needed to save his money (they were travelling Europe for ten weeks). We all showered and then we went to a restaurant I have wanted to try for years, we walked to the Golden Buddha and grabbed a table outside. This food was the best food all holiday by a mile, it was cheap as anything and the portions were ridiculous, the views helped as well, you can't beat watching the sun set with a group of mates while eating good food. Ibiza is just as much about this as it is about the massive super clubs if you ask me!

We left and as we did we came across a small crowd gathered around a dog, we walked over and realised the reason why is because it was skateboarding! I got a video it was so funny! Got back to the hotel and sat in my room and had a few beers. SG actually fell asleep half way through! We were all starting to fail miserably, all slowly falling asleep! We decided to head to the west end to try and wake ourselves up a bit, SG however decided ASOT was off the cards and it was time for her to go to bed. We walked towards our usual drinking hole and decided instead to go for a stroll to try and wake up, it wasn't working so a disco nap was required. We decided to sleep till 1 and then head back to the west end. We got there, ordered a huge jug of cocktails each and slowly got them down us, the sleep had made things worse if anything and it was looking like tonight was going to be a fail, luckily I was so so wrong!

We grabbed a taxi totally sober and headed to privilege, walked straight in with our tickets and headed to the toilets. We then situated ourselves by the pool and watched from there for a while, not much dancing happened by us as we were all ruined! I then managed to man up and buy myself a vodka red bull, got this down me and instantly felt better, I know these drinks are strong but it really hit me, I felt alive again so another was purchased, and then another and then before I knew it I had drank (I say drank, however with all of them I asked for no ice and simply necked it in one, a nice 19E shot) five drinks within 25 minutes. By now I was hammered drunk, and we watched the whole of Armin's set, it was a true hands in the air set, people singing along, everyone just really happy. I know not everyone on here loves trance but you can't beat a hand in the air moment with all the crowd as one singing along, the DJ with a massive smile on his face, the lasers above you and the dancers joining in, this sums up trance for me and why I love it so much. We stayed until around 6am, which considering how bad we felt earlier in the night I thought was amazing.

We got a taxi back and as we were a tad drunk, we for some reason decided to run to SG and SB room (there earlier told us they never lock there door!) We ran straight in and started jumping on their beds, utterly immature but we all had a good laugh about it the next day! Off to bed we went, with massive smiles on our face. This was by far my favourite every trip to privilege!




I woke up and felt utterly crap today, so we decided it was a pool only day as I didn't feel it would be safe me driving, met up with SG and SB by the pool and chilled with some music talking about last night's antics. It got to about 1pm and I knew if I didn't sleep I wouldn't be making it tonight, so I went for a quick nap and ended up being asleep till 7pm! Oops! Got up and showered and met everyone and went for a walk to decide where to eat. It was 100% evidential that I was suffering with a mild case of alcohol poisoning, it was not just a hangover. Everyone decided to head back to golden Buddha after how good last night's food was and again the food was brilliant. As we were eating SB said he was convinced I wouldn't last past 2am tonight, something he would end up regretting slightly!

We headed to the west end for our last night of drinking, Entice as usual and we grabbed loads of drinks, got them down us in record time and ended up again hammered, even me who wasn't feeling well at all! A face painter then turned up and persuaded J to have his face painted, he asked for something (can't remember what) but I managed to persuade her to put “ I love D1ck” on his face instead haha! He did not find this funny at all, the whole bar however thought it was hilarious! By this point we were all ready and we headed off to the taxi rank for together @ Amnesia. As we got to the taxi rank a missive wave of disappointment hit us, there was a queue of at least an hour for a taxi, we had no other option than to get an illegal one, all five of us squeezed into a ford focus and we finally arrived at Amnesia at 2am, walked in and straight away Chase and Status came on, I was so excited, I saw them there last year and they were unbelievable, one of the best sets I have ever heard. This year however was the total opposite, I mean I enjoyed it don't get me wrong, but it looked like an amateur was playing, he would get to an incredible drop and then just put something real slow beat on instead, now I understand it's funny to wind the crowd up a little to get everyone going but this was every time! They played for two hours and in this time I got five vodka red bulls down me in the same style as yesterday. I was hammered drunk and loving everything and everyone. Pendulum hit the stage and boom, there was the energy and excitement back, the crowd was going wild, the music was incredible, playing classics and newer songs, the set was perfect in my opinion, not a single thing needed to be changed. We even had a sit down moment where I was talking to the MC haha! By 6am they finished and I was gutted, me and SB by this point were right by the front of the stage and the disappointment on both our faces that pendulum had finished was incredible. At this point everyone other than me and SB left for San an. Me and SB headed to the main room and although I can't remember who was on it was brilliant, we stayed till 7am where SB said ok you win, you stayed past 2am, can we go home now! We got back to San an and sat on the balcony with a random from the hotel, it was half seven, we were having a nice smoke and we just sat there reflecting on the holiday. By half 8 we decided it was sleep time as we had to be out the hotel for 12.




I woke up at half 11 and started violently throwing up, yeah drinking that much again last night wasn't the best idea, no regrets however and by 12 I was down by reception with the others ready for some breakfast. Went to the closest café and ordered a full English and a coke. Was sick three times while eating this, I finally managed to finish and keep it down so we popped to the hotel to grab our bags. Me D and J put our bags in the car (well more of this later) and all five of us headed to playa den bosa for one last chill on the beach. Me, SB and SG got a sunbed and the other two had a walk around to get some presents. It came half three and we decided to get back in the car and go collect SG and SB's bags. On the way we stopped at BP to fill up and J opened the boot to get something out his bag. He opened the boot and it wasn't there, we still to this day do not no where the hell the back went! J had lost everything and as you can imagine was in a foul mood! Grabbed the kiwi's bags and rushed to the airport, dropped off our hire car and checked in, Said our goodbyes to the Kiwis's, which was emotional for us all and then grabbed our last burger king and then our flight home. Another trip over L

This year was so different to all my other trips, for one I have never been so sober compared to before, usually all of us are a right state the whole holiday, wrecked all night and bed all day, and in all fairness I preferred this trip. We did 600 kilometres in the hire car and did so much more in the days than usual. I really felt like I made the most of the whole trip.

I do regret not staying at Sankeys on my own in all fairness but on the 14[SUP]th[/SUP] of September I am back again for a week, a trip which is special to me as I haven't been to Ibiza with my brother for 2 years now, and I don't feel truly at home there without him.

Money spent this year was 1400euro and that's not including the hire car, the hotel or the flights but for the amount we did and how much I enjoyed the holiday I think that's pretty reasonable.

So the end of trip number 16, very different but also mind blowing, if you've managed to read this whole review then I hope you enjoyed it and can take something away from it. Any questions or comments feel free to reply! :D




... We had all arranged to meet at my flat at 11am and for once the other two (j & d) arrived on time.
i put kevin and perry go large on to warm us up for an hour
then our lift arrived and we were off! ...


... D at some point in the night took a fancy to a worker there and she had agreed to meet him at 5am when she finished her shift and they exchanged numbers. We left the west end at 4:30am and went back to the room feeling absolutely smashed still. I went to bed and J and D stayed up waiting for the phone call at 5:00 to meet this worker. 5am came and D gave the number a ring, only to have a bloke answer asking who the hell it was ringing them! He was stood up a treat! At this point they both simply decided it was time for bed ...


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I 100% agree with you!
Great read though got so little work done today because of it! Particularly liked the dog on a skateboard part! :eek:
Im glad you enjoyed it, quite a long review but had so much to put down :D Yeah I will get a video of the dog up!
That was a good read, sounds similar to my younger days over there.
Yeah i'm the oldest at 24, the other two are 20!


... we looked to the right and saw a police bike park next to our hire car, then a tow truck, we all laughed and said “I will cry if that's for our panda”, next thing our cars being lifted so we ran out and were told by the police man that we had illegally parked (unknowingly we had) and that it would be an 84 euro charge to stop them taking it, we quickly paid up and moved the car to a correct parking space!
This was the sign that it's time to go out so off we popped to the west end ...

but 84 is a good price, i once had to pay something between 150 and 200 ...
and the tow truck wasn´t even there :x :twisted:

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omg - i had to pay 190 euros !
and that was back in the day in 2006 !!
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