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Hello all Islanders and visitors, i would like you to inform that starting tomorrow wednesday 19th May the taxi APP called Taxi Ibiza APP will not be longer in use and will it be changed by Taxiclick

Those are the links for Android and Ios

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.interfacom.taxiclick android

https://apps.apple.com/es/app/taxiclick/id510296062 Ios

And the phone number remain unchanged 0034 971 33 33 33
Taxi rank locations: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1eqyD8RCKi5fTMPdO6HfgMA6BzLVpnUxH&usp=sharing

EDIT: you can order also the taxis via internet in https://taxiibiza.net/
EDIT: all the links in one https://linktr.ee/taxiibizaprices , https://linksome.me/taxiibizaprices

Do you work or will work in a reception of an apartment or hotel and need an easy way to inform about the taxis of ibiza? Where to get them, approximate prices etc? You can download the photo below, print it in a4 and put it on your reception

Thank you


Para pedir taxi:

☏: +34971333333
TAXICLICK APP: http://onelink.to/qsd9xb
WEB: https://alfa.taxitronic.com:9898/Customer/Customer/Login/500

Thank you all for the attention
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Hello Ibiza Spotlighters, i would like to show you an instagram page that can help you to know the approximate taxi fares from the main taxi ranks of the island, its a work in progres and atm there are not all the approximate fares but it can give you an idea.

The IGN is @taxi_ibiza_prices

EDIT: Just an update, almost all the taxi rank prices are up already, also i made the facebook version in case people dont use instagram

Have a nice day :)

Have an amazing Monday
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on that photo explain the taxi prices system and how to calculate the fare


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Can anyone recommend a reliable taxi transfer company that will meet us at the airport & return us there when the holiday is over.


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At the airport , to the hotel : I take the next one I see , If I have no rental car.

Back : Would know for myself. Lucky that it was on time in every case. I asked at the hotel lobby the evening before.

With rental car :
One time I had a issue at the gasoline station : One was closed ( close to the airport ), at the other one there were 5 cars in front of me. Plus a queue at the rental car return. I lost nearly 1 hour. I was early enough , get my plane ,but sometimes sh... happens.


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Can anyone recommend a reliable taxi transfer company that will meet us at the airport & return us there when the holiday is over.
We booked via Booking.com last Summer and whoever they sorted were great. Used them for lots of transfers in Europe and yet to have any issues.


Or just go to the taxi rank and get a normal Taxi and when need to go back to the airport ask in reception



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Hi all

Coming to ibiza in June with our 2 year old and 9 month old. What are the laws around car seats in taxis? We have one for the baby as her pram is car seat compatible so can fit that in but is it against the law for my son to be on my knee? We will be going for days out to beaches around the island. Car hire not an option.

Any advice from experience would be hugely appreciated as theres lots of conflicting info around.


well the law its that the kid must be seated in a seat according to his/her size and its the duty of the parents to provide it