Ibiza - spotlight free party!!!


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...sound is nice huh??Somebody cant find a sponsor to make this party happen???Think ;all ur mates from here and u and Ibiza and music....perfect atmosphere....many friends....
I would go! It's a nice dream although from the sounds of it not possible! :cry: We Should at least have a gathering of sorts for the spotlight crew sometime during the season. How does anytime from August 9th to August 14th sound? That's when I will be there! Hee! Hee! :lol:
I really cant calculate how much it costs but I'm sure one of us can do it...so the problem is to find sponsor..just once a year ...AM I ASKING TOO MUCH???
The answer is yes you probably are asking too much! In reality how many members of this forum would actually turn up to a real life spotlight party? Secondly how many regular posters are there in this forum, I'd guess at around 20-30 and that alone hardly makes a good party does it!! Even if everyone brought their mates you wouldnt get much over 100 in my opinion. Also everyone goes to Ibiza at different times and it would be impossible to arrange a time for a spotlight party to take place.

All in all a nice idea but one of those things that could just never happen!!! A meet up would be possible though, but even then it's questionable how many people when it came to the crunch would actually turn up.
Why would you need a sponsor? :confused: It is a nice idea but i agree with Muel and Robo, its a bit of a tough commitment with everyone over at diffent times. Why not just post when you'll be going see who else will be there who is interested? Might not be a big group but it'd be cool to meet up to go party for a night!!
So we can have a place in in one of the closing parties on september (ex.i could prefer CREAM_AMNESIA)..So we can have fun alltogether and maybe we can announce that CREAM CLOSING-Spotlight Meeting Up.... 8) :confused: :D :?: ..Or something like this...Any ideas about this??
I am in...

Hi, sounds as a great idea. If you´ll manage it, just let me know. It would be nice to get in.

We Love Sundays @ Space - Sunday 14th September - on the terrace at 1pm at the back bar overlooking the dancefloor. Look out for a pink rabbit.
I noticed that last summer everyone set up a place to meet twice a week at a specific time and they all wore something to show that they were from this forum (I think I read that it was a band of some sort around the arm). I think that sounds like a great idea. Everyone could know where to meet and when no matter what part of the summer they would be there. What do you guys think? I have already found some people that will be there at the end of June (same as me) but we haven't all figured out when and where we'll meet.
yeah, sounds like FUN!

this sounds like a GREAT idea! I will be in Ibiza in the middle of June and 2 weeks in August as well starting from the 5th and ending on the 19th :( I hate it when it´s leave-Ibiza time, really brings me down!

But hey, what do you people think! Could this be an option????? 8)
I'm going to post a new topic on the meeting point page and see what everyone else thinks. Go there and say where and when you think would be good. Since I've never been to Ibiza, I am not the best person to make the decision...
the club option is kinda problematic due to lack of forum funds
but a beach gathering at bora bora
is a much more reasonable option

for your considoration
For all those Ibiza spotlight crew who are gonna be there near the end of june, how about all meeting on sunday the 22nd(welovesundays@space opening party) at bora bora between say like 1pm and 4pm with blue ribbons round your arm so you can be spotted? :lol: