Ibiza septemebr 2009 - Short and sweet!!!!


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Having enjoyed reading people´s reviews in the run up to my Ibiza trip, I thought that it was only right to do my bit and let you know how we got on.

Friday 04/09

After a bit of bumpy ride, we arrived at Ibiza at about 12.30 am and our mates picked us up and we headed straight to the Poseidon I apartments in Figueratas. They are very basic, but exactly what we wanted for a quick weekend on the white isle (and very very cheap too!). After a quick change and a few drinkies we jumped into a taxi and went to Supermartxe at privilege. After a short queue and a bit of a con (they said that we were on the guest list and that we would get in for free and then when we got there surprise surprise our names weren´t on the list and we had to pay 30 euros). When we got in, the music was banging, and after meeting up with other friends, we headed to he back part of the club to catch the show. At about 4pm, the show kicked in, “Las Vegas “was the theme and it was pretty amazing, and they were churning out the vocal classics, which I have to admit I do love. Nayala (Rebeka Brown style) cracked out some of her stuff, and various covers including Toca´s miracle, etc. and even a bit of Celine Dione !?. It was good but to my surprise no one was dancing, they were all simply standing around watching the show! Hey ho though, we had a good boogie and then went up to the chill out area for a drink and even a bit of laughing gas on the way! By the time it got to about 6 am the show was over and the atmosphere people seemed pretty tired and so we headed outside to get a taxi and called it a night.

Saturday 05/09

Woke up to my first cloudy day in Ibiza :eek:( we couldn´t believe it. However, determined that this wasn´t going to spoil our day we had breakkie and decided to see if people still party at Bora Bora when the sun isn´t shining. The answer: yes! We arrived there at about 4pm it was packed, although there seemed to be a few more people inside than other years, the atmosphere was friendly and people were bouncing around. I must say though that the tunes ere pretty hard for Bora Bora and I didn´t recognize any of them, but that didn´t stop us. At about 7 were headed off to another bar in PDB for a few beers. The idea was to then go home, have a rest for Matinee, which many people had said was the best night on the island this year. However, one thing led to another and we ended up staying in the bar for even more drinks and dinner and then jumped into a taxi to get to amnesia before 1am as I was free to get in with a wrist band. To our surprise , Amnesia was already quite busy when we got there, so we quickly got our spot on the terrace and got down to it!!! The music was V. good quite hard a first, but then settled down a bit to the usual Matinee stuff when the show came on. Tunes I remember “ closer”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Shine on me” , there were loads more but unfortunately it´s all bit fuzzy ;o). At about 6 am, I was a bit worse for wear and decided to call it a night, although it was still rocking with no signs of stopping.

Sunday 06/09

After a lazy start, we headed down to the south of the island for a chill out during the day at Chiringay. Good atmosphere down there and the beach is lovely, although a bit of a trek, especially if you park down in the Las Salinas car park! My mate and I just chilled in the chiringuito having some beers as we were preparing ourselves for what has always been the highlight of our holiday “We Love”. After failing to convince the rest of the Spaniards we were with that “We Love“ was worth leaving the beach for, we headed down to PDB for about 5ish, where we got our tickets (40 euros with free pass out) and a few more drinks to get us well on the way. With other friends in Bora Bora, other sleeping, we had decided to meet early at about 6ish on the terrace. Having read some poor reviews in the forum reg. We Love I didn´t know what to expect and especially so early on. When we got there (6.15pm), although not packed, it was pretty busy. Just as we walked across the sunset terrace, the dj, cracked up the volume of the music (which seemed to be background music at first) and it got pumping. After grouping together all of our friends who were dotted over the club, we settled down on the sunset terrace in front of the dj booth (my favourite spot). What can I say, the music was excellent, with a great moment when he dj cracked out “world go round” and the place went made. There was a great friendly atmosphere, so much so that by the time the sun was going down we had already made loads of friends and we having a great time. We met a couple who had just got engaged and after 1 minute they were our new best fiends!!! :eek:) Other songs included that one where the music breaks down completely and a kind of James Bond sort of songs kicks in, fabulous and many more which I can´t quite remember :eek:(. I don´t think I stopped dancing in the whole afternoon (only to go to the toilet and to get the drinks in and even that I did dancing :eek:)). The only downside to the night was when Alfredo came on. I have heard Alfredo in the past and he has been wicked. Unfortunately, he came on, looking like he had got up from a long siesta, smoking and instead of playing some of his happy house (what you need on the sunset terrace…let´s face it) he started banging out some pretty hard stuff, wasn´t getting into it…..and his mixing was pretty awful, so much so that the guy he was going back to back with looked pretty ashamed to be there with him. At this point I decided that I had had such a great time and have never really liked night time space anyway, so I decided to leave (about 11pm) and head over to Ibiza own for a late meal. Space is still great, shame it´s no open earlier but that´s life!!

Monday 07/09

Feeling worse for wear, we dragged ourselves to Las Salinas and after a meal at Sa Trintxa, passed out on the beach. In the evening quiet meal in Ibiza town and a little farewell drink at Soap.

Tuesday 08/09

Headed back home :eek:(

All in all, had a great time, still have to say that he afternoon clubbing is still the best part of Ibiza (space early on/boraboA ETC.) didn´t make it o Ushuaia and was gutted that DC10 as closed but hey ho. Next year would like to go for longer with some breaks in between as it has taken me nearly a week to get over it this year!!!!
Although have t say that I am very tempted to go back for the day for the DC10 opening/ closing…is anyone going??
Nice to hear more good reports about Sundays at space in the afternoon making somewhat of a revival.....:D