Ibiza Review 2001 during sept 11th


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I am bored so i'm writing you a review of my hol in Sept which was last time i was there.

sun 9th sep
We ( me and my friend Rachel ) arrive in Ibiza and got to watch Shrek on the plane ( what an ace start to the hol ) its 2:30 by time we get to the hotel so we un pack and an early night

Mon 10th sep
Stayed in Figuerettas and wandered around there in the day. and got some food. sunbathed e.t.c
Got ready to go out at about 9:00 and were out by 11:30 went to Base Bar then Dome for a few drinks, We were in Army outfits similar to destiny's child type thing. Then went to Manumission at about 1:30
Ive been B4 twice the first time i went in 97 it was ok in 99 it wasn't too good and this time it was crap. ( i only went because rachel wanted to see it.) the sound dissapeared through the roof and there was no atmosphere. made the most of things in the trade room went home at 5:30

Tues 11th Sep
Got up at about 11:00am and went to Playa den bossa beach to sunbath.
Had a few drinks in Bora Bora and then went to hotel at about 6 for a sleep. Got up about 9:00 and went to phone a friend back home.
I spoke to my phone sarah and was telling her how things were going when she asked me if i had heard the news.
" what news "
" have you not heard they crashed 4 planes 2 in the world trade centre one at the pentagon and one in a field."
"who did "
"osama bin laden"
" who's he "
" a terrorist from al qaida."
" so whats happend then has anyone been killed "
" the twin towers fell down both of them and they reckon 10000 people are dead its going to be world war 3 i'm really scared."
" oh my god 10000 are you sure "
" well thats the estimate but they don't know for sure the pictures are horrible.
" well listen i'm going to have a look at the news i'll call you tomorrow."
" Ok speak tomorrow."
My stomach was churning at this point and i wanted to find out more so i went to the hotel lounge, The telly was showing Sky news and i sat and watched for 20 mins or so trying to take it all in, what was gonna happen now i wondered.
I went up to the room and told Rachel. we were both a bit down about it.
i had a few drinks to calm me down. We decided we were going to go out anyway as staying in wouldn't be a good idea.
We headed off to Ibiza town at about 12:00 had a few drinks at Pacha bar and Dome then went to El devinio.
It was Miss money penny's. I like El devinio apart from the stuck up people on the terrace. Its nice and compact and has a good atmosphere, the sound is good and the Bongo guy is cool. I can't even remember who was playing. I had an ok night but my mind was on other things and my stomach was still knotted.
We left at about 5:00am

Weds sept 12th
We got at about 10:00 am and we went to the Hippy market at Es Cana.
We got an English paper on the way and we read about what had happend. We stopped at a little cafe resturaunt and got paella. we spent most of the time chatting to people about the attack. It helped to talk about it with people. Hippy market was ok, we bought a few presents for people and we got henna tatoo's done. We also got invited to a beach party and had to meet a guy at 1:00 am on fri in playa den bossa.
We got back at about 6:00 pm and went to sleep for 4 hours. We Were going to Subliminal/Defected at Pacha that night. We had a few drinks in Ibiza town at Dome.
Dome is a mixed Gay crowd and there are all sorts of wierd and wonderful people there, we got friendly with the guys on the bar and a gay couple who were also going to pacha.
Headed of to Pacha at about 3:00am which was quite late but we were having a laugh at dome.
It was a good night at Pacha, it wasn't too busy and the music was good, I'm more of a Morrilllo girl than Emerson, Morrillo came on just after we arrived and he was Morbrillo. Emerson was on later and he wasn't bad, he actually played a brilliant last 30 mins. which totally wiped me out.
Pacha is a lovely club, there are lots of different types in there from stylish guys and girls, to happy clubby types wearing not much ( guilty as charged ). we left at about 7 just b4 closing i think as things were getting quiet.

continued on next thread.
look at next thread for thur fri and sat

Sun 16th sep
Got up at about 10:am after a very good sleep. packed everything and went to our new friends.
We met up with Tania from the Blue rose at Bora Bora and went to Space at about 12:30.
It was already pretty busy but not rammed. The tunes were good Lottie and Dave Morales were on. Met up with Dr winkler and virtually everyone we had met on holiday. Got a pass out at about 5 and got some food at Bora Bora ( they arn't good at food ). The atmosphere at Bora Bora was brill. headed off back to space abou 7:00 Jon ullyses was playing and he was brill a bit more deep but still funky. spent the whole day on the terrace and went inside for a sit down every now and then. Got very friendly with Tania the dancer who is also Bi sexual and was from Latvia.
It was 11:00 and we had to get back to the hotel but we couldn't find our friends. we searched for about 1/2 hr inside looking. we decided to go back to the hotel thinking they would be there but they wern't there. Panick time. we contemplated breaking the door but decided against it.
At about 12:30 they arrived. After quick good byes and exchange of numbers we quickly got our stuff and got a taxi to the air port.
We got to the airport just after one and ran to check in.
When we got there the panick quickly stopped as the flight had been delayed by 3 hours due to sept 11th.
3 hours turned to 5 hours and was feeling rather tired and ill at this point.
plane finaly set off at 7:00.

Mon sept 17th
got home and slept for 2 days.

Had a Brill holiday which was almost ruined by Sept 11th.
Ibiza has 2 sides to it the Good and the Bad the Angel and the Devil we definitely saw both sides. mainly good though.
Eve xxx
Not sure why but the Middle bit didn't work

here is a quick over view i will finish it in detail soon

thurs 14th sep
Me and Rachel went to Cream@Amnesia dressed as Angel and Devil ( hand made devil and angel outfit that took me 40 hrs to make using real feathers see pic on profile.) Got in for free (we forgot tickets and just walked in ) and also got free drinks all night off a guy we met in there, he was a Big promotor from San Fran and was with his Gf and some Friends
. He had the best table in the house overlooking the main room dance floor by the Dj booth. Apparently P diddy told him to get it.

Fri 15th - sep
Went to Blue Rose Strip club and met Dr winkler. He left to go to Amnesia and we conviscated his Gf for the night and had a really good laugh in the Blue Rose. Got friendly with a dancer called tania from Latvia who we invited to Space.

Sat 16th - Sep
Went for a meal and rested for Space. got frisky with rachel

see above
We were there over Sept 11th as well, it was so bizarre we didn't even find out about it til 24 hours later on the Weds. I don't know how it could have happened, we were just in out little world, did Space Carry On, then got changed, went to Perfecto, got back to hotel, chilled for a bit and then we went to get something to eat early on Weds afternoon, my b/friend went to get paper to read and I can always remember his face walking towards me with this complete look of horror and then we read about it in the paper. I still can't believe we didn't know til a whole 24 hours after :rolleyes: Just wanted to ring home cos we felt so far away from everyone :cry:
dfunky said:
were you at space at the same time i was.

For We Love Sundays on the 16th, yay was a blinding Space sesh, I do like a bit of Morales in the afternoon on the terrace :D
I was in Ibiza all summer that year, I hardly watched any tv the whole time i was there, how ironic that on Sep 11th I go back to this girls apartment who has a tv, we put tv on, me n mates having a laugh with TV on in the backround, think some dodgy spanish cartoons were on then all of a sudden it changes to a pic of the WTC on fire, I didnt understand what was going on, i changed channel and every channel had the WTC on, I then saw the second plane hit WTC live...I was in shock and being off ya face at same time was complete shock! i thought its the start of the end of the world! understood in the end coz we found CNN, i watched the whole thing for 3 hours or so, I still feel sick to this day when I think about it, I saw people dieing jumpin from the building..live, almost like i was there coz it was so intense. RIP to people who died that day.
We were there too
I had a purple leather cowboy hat on at the time and white cowboy boots.
Was with a guy with sanchez tatto and a big lad with shaven head and 3 girls.
My boobs were smaller then
thought i'd ask
I was there on sept 11th too.
I was chilling on Salinas when suddenly EVERYBODY'S mobile phone started ringing.
We also heard the awful news, and were very upset, but the insane thing about it was that almost everybody else was just acting like nothing had happenend!! People were dancing a little, laughing, drinking. It was so surreal!

We had dinner at the Pacha restaurant that evening and went inside Pacha for awhile, but they told us Erick wouldn't be playing that night, so we left early, also because we weren't feeling that happy.
Now I see that he DID play. You can't be serious!? Why did I leave? :cry:
I was on holiday with my GF until the 10th then she went home and my mates came out. We got up quite early on the Tuesday and went into San an to have some breakfast. We were waliking back to the bay when i noticed i had Three messages on my phone. All from my gf telling me what was happening :( I remember just shouting to the boys, come on we gotta go find a telly NOW. From the look on my face and pace i ran off at they knew something was up.

We got into a British type bar and i told the barman to put Sky news or CNN on (they had simpsons on at the time) He wouldnt cause he said everyone (about 5 other punters) was watching Simpsons :rolleyes: I loudly said that if he put CNN on and it wasnt of interest then i'd buy everyone a drink, at which point the other people there cheered and told him to do it. Everyone was saying whats going on etc, i told them as i knew most of it from the txts i got from Vicki. About 4 or 5 minutes after we put it on the first tower fell down. Watched the rest of the day at our hotel and went out to watch the sunset at Kasbah in the evening. For all of Tuesday and all Tue night hardly anyone else knew what was going on, it was strange to see everyone else still partying and going mad and it wasnt until wednesday when the papers came out that you saw people realising what had happened :(
did erick play frank sinrata new york new york as a tribute that sunday in space
Thing is, when I was in Ibiza last year, it's like you're shut off to the rest of the world... no radio, no tele, couldn't find a decent English paper anywhere... I had no idea what was happening around the world for 2 weeks last year.

Kinda weird about ppl just kinda laughing and shaking the news of terrorist attacks off... but I guess it woulda been kinda surreal... I know it was back here.
This is a great thread, don't read this section of the board much but just stumbled upon this thread, sorry if I am a little late but that is my MO.... lol

My story of 9/11:

I was actually on a plane preparing for take off from Logan Intl. airport in Boston at the exact time that the first plane hit the WTC. I was on my way to meet about 25 friends in NYC to fly to Ibiza that evening. It was a big trip planned by one of my girlfriends who lived in NYC, she unfortunetly couldn't go to Ibiza this year because she had started a new job at the WTC. She died that day, working on the 101st floor of the 1st building she had no chance to live. At that time they turned our plane around and we all went back to the gate to find people frantic on their phones, they locked us into the gates at the American Airlines terminal for roughly 1 hour. I called my mom and she was crying hysterically, thinking I was possibly on the American Airlines flight that hit the 1st WTC, because I was flying American that day, she was EXTREMLY happy to hear from me. That is really when things started to hit me and I realized what the hell was going on. I was a little upset that I didn't get to go to Ibiza at first but after realizing what was going on and sitting at home and watching TV, I was like WOW I was being really selfish in thinking about Ibiza, my friend lost her life I was lucky enough to still have mine and still get the chance to live it.

Ibiza ended up happening for me last year, and I will be back again this year. But one thing is for sure I think about how lucky I am that I CAN go to Ibiza and have these privledges, some people do not.
did erick play frank sinrata new york new york as a tribute that sunday in space anybody
was in N.Y the day it happened....never forget...when i watch a zitcom and the towers are shown i get chilles down my spine!