ibiza review 20. - 27.9.03


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Wednesday, 17th September I was surfing trough some last minute site and found a one week offer, flight from an airport close to me, 4 star hotel in Sta. Eulalia, for 370 Euros. Then I phoned a friend and 30 minutes later we agreed to go to Ibiza.

I already was at Playa d’en Bossa six weeks earlier but I missed almost every good party and about every major club. So I had strongly accumulated needs.

The next day, I phoned with another friend I planned to go out during my holidays (so I wanted to cancel it) and he immediately asked if he could come with us. Hey, no problem.. ;)

Our flight was September 20th SIX O’ CLOCK IN THE MORNING, I slept only 4 hours the last 2 days (packing, nervosity, working, etc..) so I wasn’t that happy about it. But anyway, we were in Ibiza and that was just fine. Tried to find a car at the airport but they were all very expensive, so we drove to Playa d’en Bossa and got one for 200 Euros, 8 days. We then went to Sta. Eulalia. Our place was a typical family hotel but the room(s) was great, very big, TV, fridge, etc. Later that day we went back to Playa d’en Bossa to get tickets and some other stuff. Next to august, it looks really empty there in September. But that’s OK since I’m not a good friend of the Kiss / Garbi tourists. On some flyers I saw that they started to go the RnB way, definitely not something I’m looking for at Ibiza.

That evening, we went to the Amnesia Closing party. Imagine that: Being in the middle of the dance floor, smiling, dancing your ass off and suddenly, there came this ice storm. I was shocked at the beginning but it’s really fun and later I couldn’t get enough of it.
Later that evening I came badly down when Guardia Civil checked me on the toilet. Well, they wrote down my address. We went home pretty early, between 4 and 5. Anyway, I liked Amnesia and the people were also OK. Anyone knows their front door bouncer? I ran into this guy everywhere, at Ses Salinas, Ibiza City, El Divino…

Sunday I wanted to go to Space but my friends had to get some sleep and I was also not that averse, so I slept the whole day trough. Yes I know…

Monday we went to Ses Salinas, I’ve been there in 2001 and never since. Cool beach, easy people, weather was OK.
Then we got our tickets for Manumission. There was also a label on it “entry to space” and I thought “great, now I finally get to see space.” Manumission was crowded as always and I really like the atmosphere. I don’t have to say what happened.. not to the people who where there. The fuse was blown because it was raining inside and then there was a short blackout and some parts of the music system got f***ed. People where staring to heaven and many looked pissed off or feared. Peak was over. Anyway, I had a good night. Actually I disliked the shows more than the blackout *s* We then went to Space and arrived about 10 but they wanted 10 Euros even with the label which f***ed me off and we drove home.

Tuesday: At about 1, 2 a.m. we left for El Divino. I don’t know where, but I read it’s the most beautiful club on Ibiza. Screw it. Cocky and arrogant, nothing more. And a third of the club is reserved area. I left after two hours of nice house sound but next time, I spend the money for a CD.

Wednesday we went to La Nada in the Calle de la Virgin. Jens and Jens are always great hosts and since 2001, it’s always a feeling like going home when I see the bar. They also gave us free ticket for Fxxx house. It’s a gay party but hey, I went to Ibiza for clubbing so I checked it out. Not that long tough. We later went back to Ibiza City to check out “Blues”, a free Disco at the port. Almost empty but still I felt like I had to move my ass so we went to Pacha. 50 Euros for 2 hours seemed to much so I went to the casino and won about 7 Euro *s*

Thursday I went to the MoS Closing party, not before a casino session. Hey, this 7 Euro made me confident. We three lost 130 Euro in about 30 minutes. OK, Pacha time. Great club, good sound. I have to say I liked this club most. Btw, this was the second time we met the people from tilllate.com, an originally Swiss based website featuring party pics. You can check it out at ibiza.tilllate.com. The sound was nice, even in the funky room. I liked the “not that hard sound” and the “not the usual house people”. Bad thing was, they closed at 7.30 a.m. Too early. On our way out we got some flyers, free entry for space. Of course we went there, I finally got to see space, wooha. Sound was OK, I was a little disappointed about the location and I found out that dancing in the daylight wasn’t really my thing. Anyway, I had a good time (inside). Went home in the burning sun.

Friday was our chill out day, we did nothing except getting the car next to the casino and say goodbye at the “La Nada”. Hey, it’s just something between 8 and 12 months..

Saturday we drove around the island. Also stopped at San Antoni and I knew again why I never stopped by after my first time (which was ONE WEEK CLOSE TO SAN ANTONI..)
Then we headed for Bora-Bora and had a final drink. Bora-Bora is a great place to be and next time I might stay at the jet apartments just because of that place.. after B-B we brought back the car and went to the airport…

Ibiza in 2004!!

Turn on
- Amnesia
- Privilege
- Pacha
- Ses Salinas
- The island in general
- Bora-Bora
- (Most of) the people

Turn off
- Prices for non alcoholic drinks. 8 euro for .33 dl at amnesia
- Cleaners at the toilets. Sometime they’re really pushing you if they want money. Worst was in amnesia. I guess the whole family was there that day, an elder guy, a women and finally a chick that might outweigh me by far and was shouting at everybody who didn’t give a tip (or didn’t give “enough”). Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against tipping, but I want to do it myself. I use to give my money to those cleaners who aren’t that pushy and saved it where they chased me.
- San Antoni
- El Divino
- my banc account...

- get your water not INSIDE but OUTSIDE of the privilege, you’ll pay half as much
- don’t get a “private taxi” at clubs like el divino or pacha, the legal taxis are much cheaper.
- If you have anything to hide, hide it in your shoes, it’s the safest place.
- Never, NEVER buy tickets at the door. Compare prices.
- Be friendly to the police, they’ll be friendly to you.
I really like El divino ;) They open the rest of the terrace up once the restaurant customers have finisded dinner!
mmmmmh? :eek:
Didn't know that. Maybe Miss M. was just the wrong event. I will give it a second chance next year. What's your favorite party there?