Ibiza Only or Mainland Spain, too????


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We are plannning a trip to Ibiza at the end of June. We were in Ibiza for a week last year.
We are considering Ibiza for 5 nights and Barcelona, Pamplona (The Running of the Bulls), and Madrid. Or just Ibiza. We've never been to the mainland before (except for Madrid for our layover).
Any recommendations?
mainland, mainland, mainland!

there is so much to see and do in Spain. it is truly an incredible country. i have never once been disappointed in any of the cities, villages, and towns that i have visited. barcelona is our favourite but that's only because it's so different to here. eg we can buy things we need and there is lots of choice. however the architecture is great and the lifestyle is a busy change. but most Spanish cities have many wonderful things to see and do.
i think a holiday to ibiza and the peninsula would be a great way of seeing the contrast between our lovely island and how different the rest of spain is
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the other Steve is absolutely right. There's so much history and cultural/ethnic diversity throughout the country- I've spent about 12 months traveling around Spain, and still haven't seen everything I want to. In fact, I'm moving there because I love it so much.

San Fermin is like Mardi Gras/West End. Complete drunkeness and partying; very messy and rowdy. Don't expect to find a place to stay, either. You might wanna go just once for the experience.
What you just described is the excat same thing me and my group are doing this coming summer.. Barcelona, Pamplona, and ibiza being first time out there we want to see as much as possible
I would definitely recommed a visit to Barcelona along with Ibiza. Barcelona has delicious food, great restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and a festive atmosphere. Almost forgot: shopping, shopping, shopping...
If you plan on seeing the mainland and ibiza then you should make ibiza your last stop because if you go there first you will not leave. Both times I have been there I ended up going to the airport to change my flight. The only way I was leaving that island was to come back to the states. Plus if its at the end of the trip then you know how much money you can blow!