Ibiza Mini Break Aug!


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I'll be in Ibiza, staying in the port area, for a short one this year (couldn't make it a full vacay but also couldn't miss out on going!)... flying from Italy on the 7th and staying until the 12th before heading back home to Toronto..
Anyone interested in hanging out or partying give me a shout! I'm always up for good company!! Space is a must on Sunday!! :D

Ciao ciao for now!!
Hey Nadia...Names Arnold from California...I'll be in Ibiza around the same time...Not in San An though PDB....This is my first time on the Island....Super Stoked! two and a half more weeks...if you wanna hang out lemme know...Till then!:eek:
That's how much of a noob i am......thought you meant San An....anyway...yea...sadly alone for my first trip to disneyland for big kids! Staying at the Garbi.
I'm doing something similar. I'm flying solo from the 9th till the 13th. I'm a fellow Canadian. My goal was to hit up Space on Sunday too. This will be my first time back since 2004. Can't wait!
I'm 31yo from Italy, going solo because unexpected and unannounced holidays, from 08 to 16 aug (or from 14 to 22, it depends on some variables: I will say in three days); It'll be my second time and I miss the island so much: it's so many, too much years I'm waiting for far from it.