Ibiza Marathon - 3 October 2020


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The organisers are pretty useless, they told me the April 2021 date was Saturday 3rd April a few months ago. Now they put it on the following weekend. Glad I did not rebook flights and hotel from their email and waited for an official date on the website.


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As most U.K. marathons in the spring have been cancelled or postponed, I’m really hoping this one goes ahead. Guess time will tell!


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Not marathon related but Ibiza race related. There is a series of races taking place this weekend, not so many runners as the marathon but operated as Covid secure events. Start times have been adjusted for curfew and a rolling start. Races can get a special licence allowing visitors from outside the Balearics to travel here. Also another race taking place on 8th December in Formentera. I would take these as positive signs that April could happen.