Ibiza live webcam and tunes - what happened to cafe del mar live on you tube?


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Morning all

sorry if its been covered before but these things seem to come and go

we have been following the cafe del mar live stream on you tube, nice sunsets and some relaxed Ibiza vibes.

In the last week or so, it looks to have stopped and been replaced by some generic i tunes list with no cameras.

Are there any other live webs cams from bars with decent tunes to catch the summer vibes whist stuck at home?

Luke C

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Ive followed this webcam for the last couple of years and its off and on loads of times, sometimes they put a message up to say they are having problems with the webcam (technical issue) although i did notice that the most recent outage was timed around their opening this summer. Although these arent bars they are okay and beach cams

Heres one for Cala Tarida but quality isnt too good - https://eufabies.com/web/en-vivo/

Heres is one for Formentara - https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/espana/islas-baleares/formentera/la-savina.html

Cala Vadella - https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/espana/islas-baleares/ibiza/cala-vadella.html

San Antonio, beach next to the Hawaii hotel - https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/espana/islas-baleares/ibiza/sant-antoni-de-portmany.html

Cala Vadella - (good quality cam) - https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/espana/islas-baleares/ibiza/cala-vadella-ibiza.html
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Thanks for the cam links, will have to overlay my own sound track : )

i cant believe how quiet it looks out there on beaches, especially san an