Ibiza in june


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Hey all,
we will travel to Ibiza on the 1st of june (only 2 months away!) and we will be visiting the opening party's of Space and DC10 and Amnesia.
They told us that the opening of Space will be verry crowded, truth?
Very very very crowded..........get there early cos by early afternoon it will be one in one out.

F*ck! We don't know how late our flight will arrive...
Hope it will be early.... At what time will they open?
For God's sake Barbie, do some bleeding work will you or I'll sack your plastic arse. :twisted:
Go to opening of Space before 6 pm, because after 6 You have to wait very long to come in or they shut the doors and it makes no differences for them if You have a pre-paid ticket or not.
go at luchtime. space is at it's best when the sun in shingng and there is room to dance. bag a spot mid afternoon and you will be fine. get there after 7pm and you are fulked on the terrace. still plenty of room inside if you like the harder stuff but the thing about space is that the terrace is like nowhere on earth.
We know all about space, just interested in the opening party. W've never been there.
Our flight will land around 8 am we guess, so we will travel right away to Space from the airport!
Any clubbers going that date? We have a great penthouse and friends of us are stayig in a huge villa....