Ibiza Gas Pipeline: Good News, Bad News

the BBQ area which was opened for the public in Cala Gracioneta only two years ago will be engulfed by the facilities for bringing the gas onto dry land
taken last sunday from cala gració:


the bbq area costed 60.000€ = 60.000€ thrown to the bin ! !
aarrrghh.. thats our fave beach, were staying at the abrat in august.

where exactly is the work being done then? to the right of the beach pictured above or is to the left near to the roundabout just before you walk down to the beach?
the picture was taken FROM cala gració but the works are happening in the area between cala gracioneta and cap negret so it doesnt affect cala gració at all.....
wont be much of a view from the beach will it :(

hada look on google map to see what was inbetween, cala gració and cap negret.. some building of some sort, is it there that they are working?