IBIZA from 19.7. - 26.7.


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Before you read my review please note that I'm not a big techno fan but much more into good house music and I don't take any drugs beside some good drinks! I'm also not of english nationality! Age: 28

Party review:

Fr. 19.7. - Ministry of Sound @ Pacha :D
This was the best party of the whole week. Nice people, very good music. Entrance EUR 50 (In Ibiza-Town we got it for EUR 38, but without drink included!) Drinks around EUR 10.

So. 21.7. We love sundays@space :cry:
Everybody told us to go there, that this would be the best party!!! Well, I was very disappointed, mostly because of the people --> everybody was tripping! 80% english, very young people, athmosphere was very dark!! Music was hard house but more into techno. We've been told to go there at 6 p.m. but we only went into at 2 a.m., maybe that was the reason that most of the people were just f***ed up! Fortunately I was on the guest list, otherwise those EUR 40 for the entrance would have been just for the bin.

Mo. 22.7. manumission@privilege :confused:
Got the tickets in Ibiza for EUR 35. If you're not english, beware, because 95% of the people are from there - unfortunately also a lot of very young people. But besides that, the party was somehow good. Music: harder house.

Tu, 23.7. miss moneypenny's @ el divino ;)
We got the tickets for EUR 22. Really nice disco - a little bit smaller than the other big clubs, but people are much more friendly and the music was good house. Second best evening for me. They have a super nice terrace. Don't miss that one.

Mi, 24.7. la troya@amnesia :confused:
Tickets at EUR 35 (in Ibiza town). Good party, good people, also a lot of gays. Music was a little bit to hard for me. Around 6.00 a.m. you will get into a foam shower if you like it - I didn't, so I went home.

Do. 25.7. el pirati @ pacha
Firstly we went to Angeliz el Cel because we got some free tickets. This was probably the badest place I've seen. No people. Don't go there!!!
After that scrappy club we went to Pacha for that Italian night. The club was full! A lot of Italians but also some other good people! Music was OK.

Don't miss: Ministry of Sound @ Pacha / La Troya @ Amnesia / Miss Moneypenny's @ El Divino

Review of the Beaches:

Playa d'en Bossa:
This one really sucks!!!! If you need some drugs and an early kick go to Bora Bora at around 6 p.m.!

Playa Talamanca:
OK-Beach. Water could be better - a lot of seagrass.

Les Salinas:
Great! - Great people, good Music, good bars, nice water.

Cala Jondal:
I just loved it!!! Go there and see yourself. Take the side with Restaurant Tropicana.

Cala Conta:
Very nice! You can watch the sundown from the beach - and it was very spectacular. We brought our own sound system along, so we did some kind of Café del Mar for ourselves.

Cala d'Hort:
This one is more an insider, we thought - but when we got there it was really crowded, so we left immediately. But the beach itself would have been very nice!

Other stuff:

Café del Mar - Go there it's very nice, but I would recommend to thake the Mambo bar which is just beside Café del Mar. The waitresses are nicer.
You won't be alone there, if you like more the romantic stuff, than go to cala conta!

If you want a good dinner, don't eat around the port of Ibiza (very expensive and the food sucks), rather go up to Dalt Vila and find the Plaza the vila there you have some very nice restaurants. Go before 10.00 p.m. and you won't have a problem to find a table.

Bring enough money along - it won't be your cheapest holidays!

For me, I definetely will go back again, I relly liked it.

Don't mess around with those pills!
Don't mess around with those pills![/quote]

Maaan.....I wouldnt be so categorical about that, its all an individual thing, if u treat it the right way, with a bit of your brain apply, the pleasure of your IBIZA experience is multiplied by 10...............imho
So believe me there's much to argue about in this case......

Very nice review thanks!!
I'm going to Ibiza in August 9th and i want to go EXACTLY to the same clubs you went in the SAME nights!! :D :D
So your review will help me a lot (thanx for giving prices too!)

Great man! :D
AM afraid id have to agree with the russian.Nice review but youve a lot to learn about clubbing.pills will help with your appreciation of music-my advice try them next year/note the difference
well, ive been on ibiza from the 16.7 - 26.7 this year. me and my mate were doing pills every night. i have to say that the nights were unforgetable and fantastic. i wont forget them in my entire life. but in the daytime we had some depressions and stuff like that. so if you want a holiday wich basicly is set on the daytime, then dont take pills at night.
besides: im not taking any drugs at home
I totally agree with you z3raw, each to their own, if you choose to pop pills then thats your choice same if you don't.
In need of sound advise?i take pills regularly at home and am aware of the downers and the midwk blues.Its my first time to visit the island and i know its goin to blow me away.im one of these people who dosent know when to stop but all the same id love to be able to enjoy the daytime.does anyone have any suggestions on how to tackle the situation taking damage limitation into account. :!: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: 8) goin to ibiza on 30 aug-come what may :twisted:
i'm not a doctor or anything but a couple of things to remember is that you should ensure that you don't de-hydrate (remember the clubs are extremely hot and the days are hotter), drink plenty of water through the day and ensure that you get plenty on board whilst your in the club(mind you it will cost you an arm and leg in the clubs the robbing b**tards). Ensure you get plenty of vitamins, zinc and other much needed minerals as your body will naturally below with all the un-healthy living and lack of sleep (HTP5 is a good natural herbal supplement for enducing seratona (not sure how you spell that one) level recovery, this will help you get quality REM whilst not having to sleep for great periods of time and therefore help fight against illness). A big thing to remember is that you need to sleep and take in food so put aside four or five hours minimum.

Just remember one thing when your in ibiza, every day is a saturday dude so the sunday blues don't arrive until your safely tucked up at home.