Ibiza for the first time!



:) I am a Canadian guy (mid twenties) travelling to Ibiza for the first time. I'm thinking of getting there around July 5th or 6th and am probably staying for one week.

Any suggestions/experiences on places to stay if I plan to go clubbing? Anyone interested in meeting up at that time?

I can't wait. My friend went to Ibiza two years ago and stayed for 2 weeks even though he originally planned to stay for 3 days!

Also, what's the best way to get to Ibiza from Madrid?? Right now, I'm planning to go from Madrid to Barcelona, and then take the all night ferry to Ibiza town. Any suggestions?

If anyone wants to meet up in Madrid or Barcelona July 2nd - 5th, let me know!

Too bad. You never know, Air Canada has a 50% chance of going bankrupt right now so my plans could be screwed.

Happy travels!