Ibiza Early June


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Alright all,

Thinking of booking early this season around second week of June.

Can anyone tell me what its like out there at that time?
Ive been July, August, September etc and late June, just never early June!

bit worried cos according to the calendar hardly any clubs are open!!

When you say quiet, how quiet? As in hardly anyone there? Empty clubs?
they are shut, most of them...

or run crap nights with local djs... mind some of them are better than the A Listers
Me and my girlfriend are going from the 29th of May till the 5th June... Space Opening... Subliminal Opening, F*** me im famous opening, Privilage opening, bora bora.... its going to be fab... i dont think it really matters what time of year your on the island, its always magical

If you go late May early June, you have Space and Amnesia Openings which will be top! All the nights at Pacha are opening that week aswell if thats your kinda thing. Personally i cant stand the place!

All the main nights at Space, Amnesia etc etc wont be opening til around the 3rd week of June!
I'll be there from 10-17 June this year, which is the earliest I've ever been.

At first, I was a bit worried about going so early, but then I realised that I've got the choice of the following while there;

  • FMIF
  • Wonderland or Pure Pacha
  • Hed Kandi opening or Defected
  • Space opening (on my mate's 30th of all days!)
  • Cocoon opening
  • Clubland (I jest!!)
So it's not as if we'll be short of nights to go to. Plus, we'll be back on the island in September for another roll of the dice, so it's all good :)