Ibiza closings 2020


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Long long way away. So next years Ibiza closing I’ve decided to book 4 days over the 2nd weekend of October (10th to 13th) rather than the usual 1st weekend. Reason being was because Hi have announced their closing that Saturday (although I really don’t fancy that) and was thinking parties will probably follow suit and close around those dates. I’m also thinking solomun plus 1 will be on that Sunday and I fancy a bit of that party as I’ve had a year off this year.
So question is do we think closings will be a little later next year because of Hi calling the 10th as there closing party. And can anyone think of any other parties that would have been on, on the 2nd weekend this year. Which would possibly be next closings.

hope that makes sense everyone.?


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Dates are falling a little different in 2020 if you compare it to this year

ADE 21st-25th Oct (was 16th-20th this year) and Halloween falling on a Saturday next year. That leaves a spare weekend after the one you mention

Its conceivable it could stretch, if you look at the early starts being instigated by many


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Last season Solomun did 21 Sundays. If we assume he starts on the Sunday after IMS then the same number would take him up to 11 October 2020. Without knowing any more, I personally think it's too early to assume. But, like you say, that weekend is going to have other things happening for sure and almost certainly a Solomun party, even if it isn't the closing. The guests in the penultimate week are normally top drawer as well


I suspect you are probably right in your assumption that the weekend over the 10th/11th October will be the main one, due to Ushuaia & Hi announcing very early that the 10th was their 24hr Takeover & closing Party.

Bit annoying really as it looks like Zoo is closing the weekend before.

While Ushuaia is one of my favourite closing parties to attend, I'm going to hold off from booking until its confirmed what's happening in the other places before I book my closing weekender.

While I enjoyed Ushuaia closing last year it was trumped by Amnesia closing later than night and Octan the next day was brilliant to.


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As we want to catch Elrow Closing, Cocoon Closing, Octan Closing and DC10 Closing... we will have to stay for 17 days.... guess you have to do what you have to do... :)