Ibiza: Celebrity Island

Glad the Jordan circus is over. Would she be clasified as a c lister :confused: :?: Whatever she is, She has done herself (and to some degree Ibiza) no favours.

"...Finally, Rafa Nadal's decision to buy a house on Ibiza has been resurrected as newsworthy since Wimbledon started. Local Ibiza papers reported back in November that Nadal was buying a luxury, environmentally friendly villa near Cala Conta. At the time he was at a millionaires' fare in Moscow helping publicise the development to Ruble squillionaires...."

As Rafa was in moscow promoting the development, one can assume he'll be getting it on the cheap, the life of the rich and famous hey :rolleyes: 8)

Does anyone know which development, would like a nose :?: