Ibiza CD's

%Rick said:
Which ones are good, which ones are crap ??

Usually anything with Ibiza written on the front is cheezy shite.

The Space 2003 is good although not as good as in the past. The DC10 one is supposed 2 be good although i am still waititng on it.........................
Rick....i can confirm that DC10 album this year is absolutely brilliant.........deffo worth getting. Good solid tunes....a must have album. :lol:

Didn't think much of Space 2003 this year though....just seemed a bit stale, Smokin Jo's mix starts well but gets a bit lost and Reche's mix is awful unfortunatley....don't expect it to be as good as the 2002 version.

The only other Ibiza cd i have bought has been the Jon Sa Trinxa album - beachlife.........obviously a different pace altogether but still the best chilled music available and not really "chillout" tunes if you see what i mean. (!!??)

I was wandering about the Amnesia Underground cd myself - looks good but have not had the chance to listen to it yet. Its not available over here though unfortunatley (DC10 has just been released in the UK) and on the Amnesia website they charge 70Euros in total to ship a cd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget that......will pick it up when i go in September....but if anybody has an opinion on it i would like to hear it too.
el divino ibiza 2003 :D very very good! 9/10 to buy immediately!
privilege ibiza 2003 :) quiet nice (sebastian gamboa & cesar del rio mix...) 6/10
amnesia vol 8 mixed by dj oliver4/10 :confused: quiet nice
amnesia underground vol 3 :confused: 1 side techno..i hate this kind..the other side electro house?...nothing to deal with amnesia underground vol 2 who is fooking nice 4 house side...i can sell my cd if any1 interested in 15e(original one & delivery postage free 8) )
pacha las tardes :) 4/10 quiet nice
pacha cha summer edition :confused: 2/10
space azuli 2003 :confused: 2/10
matinée vol 8 (space after) :) quiet nice...the old one one r fooking good...4,5,6..
dj chus amplified quiet nice :) 6/10
r sanchez release yourself 2003 cd1 prep arty nice cd 2 so mellow house :x
bar m manumission :) quiet nice 5/10
dome 6 look like quiet nice
i saw tracklisting of dc 10 :confused: gonna have a listen in a few hours coz there is 10mo left 4 the dowload of this cd! :lol:
Thanks for the list. ;)

Seems like I'm buying the same CD's as last year: El Divino & Amnesia Underground.

1. El Divino 2002 was superb, had a quick listen at the 2003, sounds very good idd.

2. Underground: the only decent techno CD from the Island

Maybe the DC10, we"ll see 8)
Usually anything with Ibiza written on the front is cheezy sh*te
:rolleyes: Have u hever listened to the divino cds?it was written on the c's cover The best house compilation in the world ever & it's true! 8)
el divino 2002 is nice..el divino 2001 fooking nice..nearly the same tracklisting as matinée group compilation vol 4 (it's the same label,the same crew)
maybe ur comment is ok 4 pacha cds space cds etc...
even though the space ibiza dance 2003 look like quiet nice
in thins link u got nearly all the ibiza cds
(then clik to the next page or siguientes...sometimes if u make a quick reseach u dont find the cd :eek: even though the cd is listed in their catalogue for ex..there is the amnesia underground vol 3 in their catalogue..)
a friend has just came back from ibiza (3 weeks) & bring me today
el divino ibiza 2003 :D :D 21,95 e @ mega music san antonio
dc 10 ibiza the album part 2 21e :confused: so so mellow house! :x note 3/10 i've ordered it to my friend without knowing the tracklisting & especially 4 the footage of the dvd bonus ...
i should have known it...saw tania vulkano in paris winter 2002 & it was fooking boring! :twisted: Only a few interesting tracks & sometimes tracks that i always had in other cds (dr kucho la luna,paul jays spiritual battery, africanism balearic)
I bought:-

El Divino: Some good tunes but not as good as previous years (6/10)

Space 2003: Quite poor to be fair (5/10)

DC10: Excellent (8/10)

Dome6: Can't stop playing it, in house, in car - everywhere !! (9.5/10)

In general I think all the Dome CD's have been very very good. Definately a great collection to own.
drewuk said:
El Divino: Some good tunes but not as good as previous years (6/10)
DC10: Excellent (8/10
:eek: only a few good tunes!
:arrow: here a compilation that i made from cd el divino 2003
marta & berta presents welcome to ibiza (intro)
ex pression groove With or without you (cover d u2) :D
scuba Tonight(dr kucho rmx) :D
anaconda Cuba beach(laurent pautra/clamaran) :)
bini & martini say yes :)
nurikan kidz - excuse me! :D
sergio serrano World day :D
french clones supersize :)
costa rica feeling u :D
G & s project Enjoy the silence (cover d depeche mode) :D
sunset see u (fermeture..) :D
golden sun come back (intro "acide") :D
la comitiva ali bumbaye :D
Boston dj's Happy deep house latina-flamenca :D
dr kucho it must be love :)
sergio serrano timpani episode 2 :D
full moon project Sunshine :D
with the dc 10 album part 2..i made a compilation but very hard to find nice tracks so i filled my cd-r with 5 track from cd pacha summer edition, 2003(& this track r better than the dc 10 album)
Only loudeast , loco dice & rulers of the deep r nice track ...the cd2 mixed by fabrizio is totally crap!
the cd1 mixed by t vulkkano quiet nice deep- tribal- hypnotic house :) but this kind of house is a little bit mellow...
Bought 7 this year mate but haven't had the time to listen to them:

Privilege 2003
Pacha 2003
Pacha Las Tardes En Ibiza 2003
El Divino 2003
David Morales Mix yhe Vibe - Past, Present, Future
DJ Awards in Pacha 2003
Underwater Episode 2 mixed by Darren Emerson & Mutiny.

I'll let you know how good they are in a few days.