Ibiza by car



Is it hard to get on ibiza with your own car? Has anybody done this?
It's possible, but's a long long way....

Approx. 1500 KM from Frankfurt to Barcelona and then You have to take the ferry to Ibiza ;)
Your car will also be unrecognisbale when you return due to the dodgy roads and dodgy drivers.

Has anyone seen a car in Ibiza without a bash??

How much fun is it watching someone park?
Has anyone seen a car in Ibiza without a bash??

I could easily substitute the word 'Ibiza' with 'London' there. I suspect there's a bloody good percentage here with no licence at all!!!
and the fact that so many cars in ibiza in the summer are hire cars and we all know how well people treat them....
I want drive to Ibiza just before new year's eve. It's probably not as crowded on the roads as it is during the summer months. So the risks of bashes will be much smaller.

Is it worth it driving all the way to Ibiza only for new year's eve? I heard it is! Flying is much to expensive around new year's eve. And i will also fly to the dutch antilles some weeks before so my bank account will be almost empty in December.
i wouldn't drive to ibiza from san antonio on new years eve. in fact i don't, i stay in the marquee in san antonio yee hah!

dj biff