Ibiza bound February 2015!! Help/advice/friends :-)

Discussion in 'Moving to Spain' started by Readyteddygo, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. Readyteddygo

    Readyteddygo New Member

    So we've made the decision to move!! We are planning on moving next February (2015) with our son who will be 10 years. We are waiting until then as have decided to learn Spanish before we arrive, lessons started last month and are going well so far! We are lucky to have two contacts on the island already & the added bonus of having holidayed here for many years. My biggest concern is my son & integrating him into a school by himself, I'm hoping he will have a basic (if not better) grasp of Spanish by then but it will still be a scary prospect for him (& me!!) basically asking for any advice, information & experiences that any of you have had with your children? We are looking at a state school not fee paying. We will also be looking for a long term rental property, any area although pref not San An, 2/3 beds, we will be in a position to pay a years rental upfront, so any recommendations on estate agents etc would also be fab :) Would love to make a couple of friends/ contacts or any fountains of knowledge to assist us with our move!!!! Lily :)
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  2. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    Hi lily

    We were in the same boat as you last may, nearly there now you are doing the correct thing not rushing its a massive move, happy to keep in contact and pass on any info we are me wife and 4 yr old boy , he starts school this year, in Ibiza fingers crossed.

    Good luck

  3. Readyteddygo

    Readyteddygo New Member

    Hi Mart!

    Thanks for the response, It helps to know there are some people to talk to who have experienced it already! Where have you settled on the island? Would be great to pick your brains over the next few months :)

  4. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    Were not yet there but just accepted a offer on our house so we could be 6 week away, my wife is getting more worried by the day, ha ha I'm keeping it together just. We're looking at the area near santa eulalia , but to be honest if we find a house near a school that's good enough for a start.
    Where are you on the uk?

  5. Readyteddygo

    Readyteddygo New Member

    Oh no you must be so stressed, I'm a year away and already panicking!! We don't mind where we are on the island tbh, preferably somewhere quiet/rural. At the moment we are in Berkshire, have been pretty much all our lives. Just waiting to wake up in the mornings & not see grey skies!! We have a weeks holiday booked from June 1st out there in a villa. Maybe we could all meet if your settled? The schooling thing is my biggest worry, sending our son to school alone & with minimal language skills scares the life out of me let alone him :-( have you sorted your NIE etc?
  6. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    Yeah defo meet up, have you been to cala nova? It my favourite area at the mo,
    Have you been to the island in the off season? It's very different ( better)
    The weather is my biggest reason to move so pissed of with every day out ruined by rain!!!
    The other reason is to live more work less,
    Are you going to work?

  7. Jennietate

    Jennietate New Member

    Hi guys, just wondering if you moved and how it went? Its been a dream to move to Ibiza for a few years now, we have been back and forth for the last ten years, but its just taking that leap. Neither me or my partner have the balls to say "lets do it" My biggest concern would also be schooling for my 12 year old who has just started secondary school and my shy 6 year old daughter, but i'm thinking there will be a lot of ex pat kids that go to the mainstream schools?
    What have you done about debts etc?

    Lily we are in Watford, Hertfordshire, so not far from you / where you was.

    I am so envious of you!! "one day" as we keep saying, we may just do it!
  8. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    It rained today don't come !!!!
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  9. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    Moved in April
    Moved family and car over in May,
    Wife started work straight away,
    I started a business,
    Crazy summer loads of work and new friends .
    Great weather maybe 8/9 days of rain!!
    Son started school ( likes it )
    Moved 3 times !!
    I love Ibiza
  10. Myron Gaines

    Myron Gaines Member

    Fair play! Would love to have the balls to do this haha.
    What kind of work are you going to do there?
  11. ibiza66

    ibiza66 Member

    Hi All!
    Just accepted an offer on our farm so we will be going over several times to look at properties on Ibiza. Have done hours n hours of research and gathering all the info I can find about property buying there but any tips first hand from those of you who have done it would be really appreciated! Two girls ages 10 & 12 years who are sick to the bones of wet, cold, gales, floods and more wind here in Cornwall, as are we all...
    Any info on stuff such as applying for a NIE online without having to go over there such as is this a good idea etc, any good estate agents/ real estate ( many seem to sell only properties in the £500,000 plus category) every reply or tip would be really helpful as this is our total future, thanks all x
  12. Les&Lou

    Les&Lou Member

    loving the attitude from vinyldreams - moving may 2016 - currently saving like crazy to make settling on the island less stressful.

    ibiza66 and readyteddygo - did you both go as well and how have your adventures panned out?

    biggest question for me is do we stick or twist with our savings as the rate for euros getting near 1.4
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  13. ibiza66

    ibiza66 Member

    I am so pleased
    You are taking your dream to live in such a beautiful place..
    We have not moved yet but are making sure there is nothing we haven't forgot to sort like NIE number and allsorts of things! We are hoping to keep as much of our savings as possible after our purchase and build on the money we have saved. As the rate is pretty good I would go for it while the goings good rate wise and keep some
    Parachute money- im terrible at money matters and have left that to my partner to sort!! Do as
    Much research and take in what people who actually live there or are in the process as
    Possible!! I am so envious you have a date to fo!!! Sorry if my reply was bo help but just get all the legal bits right and you're going to be fine! will you also let me know if there's any tips you can share with me!! I just can't wait to be there and start my life there, everyone sounds so nice there and always willing to help. I like the honesty on here too. Congratulations on your future move!!! xxxxxx
  14. Les&Lou

    Les&Lou Member

    muchas gracias ibiza66 and we wish you all the best in achieving your dreams too. we will definitely be on this forum as the countdown gets closer seeking the advice of locals and expats that have been there and done it.

    not a day goes by where Ibiza isn't all we think about. its that kind of place, it gets in your bones and stays there
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  15. ibiza66

    ibiza66 Member

    REALLY late reply and you may not even still be on here but did you move in the end? How did you settle in as we are off within the year!
  16. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    Hey yes all moved ,
    I came over in March 14 wife and kid April 14
    We live in a beautiful house overlooking the sea in Santa Eulalia .
    I run a business call ibiza transport , so if you would like a quote on your move give me a shout on face book or 0034691940176

    My name is Martin Evans
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  17. ibiza66

    ibiza66 Member

    So glad you did it! I wish these offers on our other house would one day be reality as we can't put all our eggs in one basket so to speak! Id put the house we live in up for rent here n leave the other on the market and rent in Ibiza for a while till all was sorted but my partner seems very flippant about such a big thing to me. Ive sorted the NIE's etc and done about as much research as one can in 3 years yet he says Im wasting my time till we have the funds! He has a point but one day that place will sell and all the hard work will be done this end- also he is doubtful about taking EVR from Royal Mail- its not though he is going to lose any pension. Think he is just cautious about money but its making me miserable and sometimes bitter towards him! I sont want to be 75 by the rime we get there! Lets hope when we sell and actually go over with the cash, he will get more enthusiastic! Id love to sit down and show him places Ive found online etc instead of him playing on his phone!! Love and happiness to you all xx never give up that dream .. ❤️
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  18. Vinyldreams

    Vinyldreams Active Member

    I'd rent for a start , just to suds out why part of the island you like the most .

    We have kept our houses in the UK , as the market is growing , I'm not fussed about investing over here yet , to east to get burnt .

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  19. ibiza66

    ibiza66 Member

    Thanks Matt, we will rent out first or I can see us buying in a rush & we want to take our time this time! Here you think someone, anyone! Would want a 4/5 bed farmhouse with two kichens, annexe, bit of land, massive yard n barns but nope... Dropped price from 420,000 to 295,000.. Just cant sell!!! Thanks for the advice!!
  20. Annemarie Greene

    Annemarie Greene New Member

    Hi :) how did your move go and have you all settled in? We are looking to move in April and have exactly the same questions as you did before making the move. Can you give us any advice now your established there? We have w 3 year old son. Thank you in advance :)

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