Ibiza August 27-30...be there!


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Wanna fit in with the trendy and "in" crowd? Tired of hanging out with losers? Wanna be in the company of the coolest guy on earth? ....well, then keep on looking 'cuz that ain't me :spank:
But...since I'll be by my lonesome self, I think it'd be cool to meet some of you over there, preferably those of you with a good sense of humor, a healthy dose of sarcasm, and who use deodorant on a regular basis.
I'll be staying in San An, overlooking the west end, and plan on hitting Amnesia for Cream, Pacha on a friday, and es paradis simply because it's a water party on sat night and you know you gotta be there.
I guess I'll do the beaches/calas during daytime, hit Ibiza town for souveniers, and party my ass off until the wee morning hours...drug free, of course.

So, any takers? :rolleyes:
Btw, I'm an Ibiza virgin, hoping to make it through the wilderness, touched for the very first time...(ok, enough Madge already :twisted:).
Hey Ekeko, im goin ibiza from the 14th of sept too the 3rd of oct? if you fancy a meet up with my mate? chill out few drinks? hit the clubs together like? seems like you wanna go the same clubs as us etc...?

drop me a message if you wanna meet were stayin in an all inclusive in san an bay :)