Ibiza Aug 10th - Aug 17th


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Stayed at the S'anfora Hotel in San Antonio Bay, a nice hotel, freindly staff and reasonably quiet. I would definitely reccomend it.

Sun - Arrived at our hotel 2am Monday morning, so after quickly unpacking we took the short walk down to the Bay Bar for a few cocktails and a lounge on their beds. I believe this is one of the nicest bars in and around San An, really relaxing and excellent staff.

Mon - Headed to Ibiza town around 9pm, had a walk around the castle and went for a few drinks before heading to El Divino about 12.30 for Mn2S. Third time I've been to this night and it goes from strength to strength. Michael Gray and ATFC played on the night with the first playing a very very good set. I know I have mentioned it before in other threads but to anyone heading out to Ibiza over the next few weeks if you enjoy your house music then this is one night not to miss, particularly with the atmosphere and quailty of DJs on offer. Retired around 5am and headed back to San An Bay to get some kip. 8/10

Tues - This was a tough one, between Carl Cox and Revered and Makers at Ibiza Rocks. However as my mate is a bit of an Inide kid and were from Sheffield we decided to head to the Ibiza Rocks hotel and see what John Mclure could offer. Firstly the Ibiza Rocks hotel looks very good and the layout is superb, an innovative idea which looks like it will pay dividends for years to come. Secondly the gig was very very good, Rev was in good form and got the crowd on side early doors. Following there was a DJ set from Matt Helders in the Ibiza Rocks hotel bar, which was fun and offered a bit of variety. I know there are still some people who are a little dismayed about the Indie invasion in Ibiza, but the two go hand in hand perfectly and this has shown after going from strength to strength every year. 7/10

Wed - Well it had to be done, headed to the West End and had a few too many and decided to head to Garlands at Eden. I have to say in defence of the West End it has certainly improved over the last few years in respect that some of the bars are playing better music and have improved their decor etc!! On the way to Eden called at Plastik, again another bar which seems to be excelling with its move. Had a superb night, Garlands in my opinion is one of if not the best night in San An, though I havent been to Wonderland. The music was commercial as you'd expect but the atmosphere was possibly the best I came across all week and special mention to the small room hosted by Hacienda Classics, some superb tracks played which made my night and left me with a huge smile on my face. 9/10

Thurs - This certainly made my day, lounging on the beach in San An, was approached by a PR who offered us tickets for Danny Tenaglia at Space for a mere 20 euro, yes thanks. We intended to go anyway but this made it all the more satisfying. And what a night it turned out to be, headed over to PDB had a few at Bora Bora and into Space around 1am I think. I know there has been some debate about this night, is it as successful as it could be, would it be busy? Well in my opinion it is a success, the music was fantastic and although it could be busier the crowd was a good mix and as Im sure Cream was full of Brits this seemed to show with not a great British presence. Id suggest Be over Guetta and to an extent over Cream, Im sure that will be debated but its all about opinions. 8/10

Fri - Our hotel were offering a boat party for 45 euros which included tickets to Es Paradis (Thurs) Privilige (Fri) and Amnesia (Sat). We took it and so on the Friday went to Supermatrxe in theory for very very cheep. Could of gone to Wonderland or Manumission but didnt and I do not regret that decision. This night will rival Manumission in the next 2-3 years I believe, id like to here other views but it was good and the shows alonsgide the music gave it something different. Well worth a visit. 7/10

Sat & Sun - Was becoming a little poor during these two days so it was a mixture of Sunsets and West End, though I was happy with my week and the nights we'd been to. Ended up in Ground Zero a few times to complement the Indie side.

All in all, this was a fantastic week, the nights may not have been first choice on some peoples lists but to me this shows that you can go to Ibiza and go to good/excellent nights for not extortionate prices, the drinks are another debate here. As for those people that believe Ibiza is dying, well I only started going 4 years ago so cant comment for before that time but from what I saw here, it isnt and wont be for a long time.
great review; glad to read your thoughts on Garlands, its certainly not the most "sophisticated" club on the Island but I agree with you about the atmosphere and uplifting tunes and it does absolutely leave you with a smile on your face - which can only be a good thing! :lol:
Top review mate, myself and 7 mates are staying at the S'anfora between 3rd and 10th of Sept.
Was just wondering if the hotel offered the chance to hire a safe or a fridge?
Was the boat trip worth paying for? Was it a kind of booze cruise or just a party boat?

Excellent review!

Supermatrxe to rival Manumission very interesting? What was the music like on this night?

Did you have any time to eat during this week?