Ibiza any good in mid March?



Me and some friends are looking at heading out to Ibiza for a few days over our spring break. We are wondering if it there will be enough people around to make it worth going to in mid March. We could also use any tips on good clubs and hotels to look into. Thanks.
i don´t think you would like ibiza in mid march. no clubs (to speak of) no people no scene.

save your money for august.
yep Stephens right, no "Ibiza-feel" as most people know of. Only Pacha and El Divino are open and only locals come there this season of the year, so wait! you wont be dissapointed
Wish I could wait and go to Ibiza later, but don't have much flexibility in my schedule. Does anyone know of any good party places to go in Europe that might be kicking? My friends and I are flying into Germany and can drive pretty much anywhere within a couple days drive.