Ibiza 2010( where u stayin, who your going with and when)

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Me my girlfriend staying at the Mariam San Antonio Sept 1st -15th with 5 mates who are staying over the road at the pacific.

GO! ............................................................................................
San An with my girlfriend staying in Marco Polo 1

12th - 19th June

Hoping to make it back in September...
I'm going for the season (hopefully).

Fly out on the 27th on my own, staying in the Marco Polo II in San Antonio for the first week. Thereafter I'd rather be in PDB but dunno if I'll find work there so early on. If not I'll happily stay in San An.

I've managed to see ridiculously little of the island during my holidays there. Looking forward to changing that, as well as not feeling the pressure to cram everything into a fortnight.
PDB, Garbi, June 15th-23rd with my mate and his girl.

One more may be coming, has to see if he can fit in in with his work schedule.

I think I have a surprise in store for them. He's never been to Ibiza and she's never been to Europe. I did pop his EDM cherry at ADE last year though.
getting married in san jose on 3rd july!

staying in PDB for 2 weeks with about 50 family and friends.

going to be some party!
20-27 July

somewhere remote and without neighbours hopefully

99% certain I'll be meeting up and sharing with 3 girls I know from London

driving down to Barcelona first on 15th July - may need to recruit some passengers for the ride
Tentatively: PdB, Garbi Hotel, with the missus
likely either Sept 11-21 or 18-28.

If its the latter will probably see you there 8)

I'm heading over for the weekend of the 4th june, probably staying in Talamanca with the boys for a stag :rolleyes: Then back on the 3rd july for a family holiday for the week, acomodation tbc, and then back for the closings for the weekend of the 28th september, hopefuly ;)
can mackie - january 1st till december 31st

:spank: stop make me jealous...

I was in the white island in march(21/31) in portinatx with my wife,and will be at the same place(our appartement) from 28th of august-18th of september.
28 august - 4 sept @ Bossa mar near bora bora with my girlfriend and 4 mates (booked through spotlight first time).

Also first time appartement for me. I hope this will work out.
Anybody experiences with Bossa mar?
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Getting married in San Carlos on July 5th. Heading over on June 26th and staying in Jabeque in Playa Den Bossa for the fist week and have a villa in Es Cana for the second week. Have 60-70 friends and family coming over so should be super holiday.
ibiza 2010

My girlfriend and me , apartement in front the sea in figueretas 23 june TO 5 july 2010 , second in ibizaaaa

2 place to take with us contact me
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