iAM Music 016 with Marcel Woods


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This week we welcome Dutch sensation and producer extraordinarie MARCEL WOODS.

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iAM Music 016 – Marcel Woods

Don’t put Marcel Woods in the same room as a box. Chances are the box won’t make it out alive. Boy does he hate those boxes!

"It's nothing personal" explains Marcel, "I just can’t stand being put into them. People try to define my sound, style and influences down to just one or two genres, but if you've heard me then you'll know that's impossible. But the result is a severe hatred of boxes. Boxes and pigeon-holes. I don't like pigeon-holes either to be honest. I just don't fit into them, never have and never will."

Exactly what doesn’t fit is Marcel's mind-blowing mix of raw and energetic dance music. Dancefloors and festivals have fallen before him in swift succession. Global Gathering, Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Trance Energy, Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, Escape Into The Park, Planet Love and Sanctuary just in one summer run! And possibly more than anything else underlining Marcel's diverse nature, 2008 saw him become the only DJ ever to play the White AND Black Edition Sensation parties in the Netherlands.


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