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This is my second post i think. The first one i inquired about Playa sol II and you were more than helpful, especially Weluvibiza. Tank you.
My husband and I arrived on Friday 20th of June after a 10 hr flight. To go from Beirut we had to take KLM to Amsterdam, then Barcelona and finally Ibiza by Air Europa, beacuse ther's no charter flight from Beirut to Ibiza. Our luggage were lost normal for such a route, however we got them the next day.
We took our rented car and headed to Figueretas, arrived at 1:30 PM .
Playa sol II is very well located close to Playa d'en Bossa and Ibiza town.
We bought swim wear (no luggage) and headed directly to Bora Bora. Bora was pumpin. Toni , my husband, was almost crazy and couldn't believe that he's in Ibiza. As he went 3 times but none since the year 2000 when we got married. In 2000 I took him to the greek islands, 2001 to the USA and Cyprus and in 2002 we did the French coast.
Toni was so anxious and happy, he wanted to check everything during our first day, make sure that the island is still as he remembers it.
By night we were very tired, but Toni had to see Pete Tong. Pacha is great, but I thought it had a better interior. The club was almost full but people didn't start moving till very late, may be around 4:30 in the morning.
The 2nd day,saturday. we woke up at noon and headed to Sheringuetto in es cavallet had an amazing meal and laid naked by the beach till 7 PM. By night we went to the old town and then to the port where we saw the promoters parade.
The 3rd day, Sunday, it's Space day. We went to we Love. space is something else, the ambience is classy, the people very happy. I love Sundays. I wanted to see Sacha, I don't know why he didn't show up. Steve lawler was O.k a bit hard though like Smokin Jo. One DJ, I think Zabiella?!, was playing the best funky house. I loved his set. We left at 3:00 really beat up.
4th day Monday, we did Cocoon at Amnesia. I wanted to go to Manumission, but Toni said it's for kids and it's more a circus than a night club.Amnesia is better than Pacha reagrading the sound and the light effects. The cold steam canon made me shiver more than once. One German girl, offered me two pills but I didn't take them beacuse I was doing fine. I must tell you, the German are Huge i was dancing with my eyes on their elbows. I was happy to know that Techno is still popular.
5th day,Tuesday, we did Underwater. I had better expectations because I like Darren Emerson and Groove Armada. Terra Deva made my night.
We spent Wednesday at Las salinas. Sa trinxa is great. I bet you can't find a place in high season.
Wednesday night, Toni took to Blue Rose, a classy strip show very close to our place. Beautifull girls. But the place is a bit expensive. I think it was 40 euros pp.
The day after, Thursday, We went to Talamanca and had lunch at Sa Punta. Very nice cuisine. Toni continued to amaze me. He knows Ibiza better than Beirut, his home town.
Thursday night I insisted on Cream. Toni wanted to do Ministry Of Sound. I Love trance, so we went to see its No. 1 dj. The place was full, but I think ther was many under age teens. Tiseto was fine, but I think that Sven vath moved the crowd better.
On Friday we stayed near our hotel. Bora Bora by day and by night we had a decent meal at D'alt Villa.
I stll have 3 more days to tell you about. May be in another post.
I love travel, i visited many mediteranean islands, but Ibiza wins. It has a very special ambience. You feel light happy, surrounded by all kind of peolple. All have one goal. enjoy life. One night we were in the port area on the st. that leads to the gay bars. Ther's a small shop that makes fresh hot sandwiches. Forgot its name. There I smoked a marijuana cigarette and guess what? 2 mins later the place was crowded by people doing the same.
I think I should thank Toni a lot for this beautifull trip and I should thank this forum too. Reading it changed my conception of Ibiza. I thought it's a place for drunk teenagers. But I found out that it's much more than that.

See you next year,
Great post Nathalie, you really summed up what Ibiza is all about, everyone has their own kind of experience that will stay with them forever ;) ;)
Nathalie said:
headed to Sheringuetto in es cavallet had an amazing meal and laid naked by the beach till 7 PM

el chiringuito!! ;)


Nathalie said:
We went to Talamanca and had lunch at Sa Punta. Very nice cuisine

and very nice views over ibiza town - specially at night!! :D

on saturday and sunday they have chill-out music from 6.30pm to 11pm!! :p