I Love Daft Punk

So did I... 8)


...Till this unforgivable piece of camel turd:

Do you think it's a rubbish tune or its been over done? I'm the latter. It's a bit cheesy but I've heard far worse

loving daft punk, alive album is just relentless quality. Rumour of Manchester gig in sept.
loved the first album
liked the second album (apart from one more time)
disliked the third album (apart from robot rock)
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First two albums are solid gold.

And I quite like One More Time so :p
(but it did get overplayed)
I saw them for the first time at Tribal Gathering in 1997 and they were amazing.
People properly lost their minds when Da Funk was played.

Definitely one of my favourite allnighters. Such a good atmosphere and huge line up.

One of my lifelong regrets, missing that 😢