I just saw DJ Tiesto In Vancouver BC...anyone else??



Last night I saw Tiesto in Vancouver. There are no words to describe just how amazing it was......... :!: I had the best time and the music was amazing!!!!! :lol: :lol: I was so sad when it was over!! It gave me my first taste of Ibiza! (I am going for the first time on Sept 7th to the 21st) I cannot wait to go see him in Amnesia now! You guys that have been there a few times are sooooo lucky!! As soon as I get back I know that I will start planning my trip for next year! :D

Did anyone else see that set last night? I loved it when he came back out to play again after he was done............Fabulous!!! ;) The other DJ Kevin Shiu had a good buildup to get us all hyped to see Tiesto.......What I would have done to hear him keep playing.....it was worth more than I payed!!!!

Only three more weeks until Ibiza when I can hear him play again.........

No. We couldn't hear it here in London. Tell him to turn the sound up next time, it's 3,000 miles you know!!!
Couldn't hear it too down here in France..but saw it on CNN though...for Area2?? ....you still can catch the show Sat and Sun...CNN..The Music Room..
MIssesd Tiesto at Area2 Jones Beach New York

He played at 4pm and got there at 6pm to see J. digwed (august 2)

Can't wait to see tiesto on Sept 12 at Amnesia....