How's Your Year Been? (2019)


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2019 has been a bit of a whirlwind really

The Not-So-Good
Unfortunately it's not been a great year for my husband, with some serious mental health issues at the beginning of the year which have come and gone and come around again. Luckily though, he's very open and happy to talk through things so we can share the load.
During the time where the problems peaked in Feb-March, it became apparent that we couldn't cope with dealing with that and our new puppy who was having behavioural issues, and we realised that we couldn't give him the life he deserved at that time - and made the heartbreaking decision to give him to another family who had other daschunds who could help him. I still miss him today, but I am SO happy to report he is doing so much better with the other doggies and I've had regular pupdates since him going to his new home :)

And obviously we're worried about the implications of Brexit on us moving next year, but I am sure we'll take it in our stride!

The Good
The good basically outweighs the bad, and we've had some amazing trips this year; Maldives, Zanzibar and of course Ibiza...and have enjoyed this year living in a villa rather than an apartment with BBQs and some good garden chill out times. The plans for moving to Ibiza permenantly have obviously come a fair way (and brought a good few years forward) and so that is obviously VERY exciting.
We bought a little house in Accrington as a source of passive income, and even though it took from May to October to get everything sorted, luckily it was tenanted within a week of completion!
We've managed to see both of our families throughout this year at some point, who are all happy and healthy, and excited for our new chapter.

Lots of plans for the first few months of 2020 while we're still in Dubai, ticking off the bucket list before we leave for good!
Talking is the Best medicine for mental health.. ?

Life of Rye

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I would like to start with November 2018 if I may

Around this time and over a period of about 4 weeks I somehow became very depressed. I can't really put my finger on why but I believe it was due to some bottled up emotions from past experiences.
I had no reason to be depressed since I had a good job, my own home, my health, nice car etc but still there I was with no motivation and just full of emotional pain. I realised depression was a real thing and I now totally respect this mental health condition in others.
However after hitting rock bottom I managed to pull through it, recover and then in December and through into the new year just go off the rails!.

I attacked every social opportunity from work partys, house partys, birthdays and music events to meeting and dating girls. I was never at home and it cost me a fortune and for sure took a couple of years off my life!
Since then I have calmed down a little

Highlights for me
  • Pay rise
  • Getting a girlfriend
  • Vegas
  • Ibiza
  • Turkey
  • Tomorrowland
  • Sisters weddings
  • Bangkok
  • Brisbane
  • Bruges

Kim Wrong Un

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a lot of people I know have had a rough year - depression is a real bitch. Am no expert but I'd say a combination of real-life stress and caning it for years eventually takes its toll. added to work/family pressures, the knowledge we're not getting any younger and more and more exposure to bereavement - are all factors. I think for a lot of guys too, reaching your 40s/50s is often harder than for women, who kind of know what to expect and therefore deal with it better


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Wasn't as a good as last year, its been more lows than highs. But have achieved well on the highs. On a personal level its been terrible. 2 close members of both family passed away due to ill health, one for me, one for my girlfriend.

Was due to move into a new house aswell but that had fallen through after 6 months of waiting. Work wise its been a success been very busy all through out the year.

Musically I have done very well. Saw Amelie Lens for the first time, went to Berlin got into watergate to see Eli & Fur which was great.

Went to Connect Festival in Dusseldorf which was also a great weekend. Saw Liam Gallagher for the first time and went to Printworks for tale of us which I enjoyed.

Also visited Bath, York, London (3 times to the smoke, printworks, football & football)

Sportwise went to the snooker which has always been an event i wanted to go to. Got to see Judd Trump v Mark Allen in the semi final.

Also great to see my team West Bromwich Albion doing well after losing in the play-offs last season, great football at the moment and i'm enjoying going up again. Had some great away days, forgot to mention went to Notts which was a belter as it was the first weekend in August...and we won.

Last weekend before the years out will be spent in Manchester, have got Singapore & Dublin for the Euros in 2020 to look forward to, also want to squeeze in a winter trip back to Oz again if finances allow. So all in all I hope it will be a better year healthwise for our family members, and hopefully get my foot on the ladder
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Well before my sept Ibiza trip my life was going the best I can remember. I was making good money at work, paid off a large chunk of debt, been in a solid routine for exercise, I felt good, looked good, and I was on my way to my dream vacation.

When I returned from Ibiza, I was about to take my career to a new level. Planned the job out almost as long as I had planned Ibiza. The owner was cool, the job was amazing, the money was the best Ive ever made.

I quit my job, started the new one, and two weeks in it was all over. It was the BIGGEST mistake Ive ever made. Not only did I not get my dream job, I lost my old one, because it was filled/

Being sort of a niche person in my industry, I was out of work for six weeks, right after spending like a boss in Ibiza to boot. No one will hire me before xmas, and I was forced to take a job paying half of what Im used to just to get by right now.

From an all time high, right down to an all time low. I hate life right now.
Respect your honesty with yourself there pal. Most people would say they were unlucky or it was someone else's fault.

That you're willing to be so frank tells me you won't be held down for long.
Chin up and be positive


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We had gypsy Kings, blonde, Gloria Estefan and the Miami sound machine on the beach... All I remember was lots of shirtless dudes all day and night...