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I am so excited to have found out today that Howell's will be spinning the one and only Pacha on my holiday! :D :D

Who are you just so excited about seeing this year?

Other mentionables for me: Fountaine, PvD and Lawler :eek:
Danny Howells

9 Aug - Def Mix @ Pacha
11 Aug - Circo Loco @ DC10
17 Aug - We Love Sundays @ Space
circo loco @ dc 10 is at night, right? i was hoping to see howells, but my flight doesn't land until the 10th and i am not missing sanchez on the 11th at pacha....i was hoping to catch howells maybe tuesday morning, after sanchez's set is over.
thanks robo....thats great news, didn't make it to dc 10 last year, but if howells is there, i'll make it my bus. to get there this year.