How much is enough???



i spent a week in ibiza for the opening parties this year and am now feeling very depressed. I am so tempted to book another week for the closing parties in September.
I spent less money this year (800euro) than I have any previous year. This was probably because it was my first time with my g/f and not the lads. Also we managed to get free into Pacha for Underwater and Subliminal. We probably won't get that lucky again.
Anyway, my question is how much money can you get away with. We will probably only have bout max. 600euro each for September - if we decide to go, is it worth it going with this, or should we just knock it on the head?
Go go go..... u always manage on what u've got. Just hit the supermarket for cheap alcohol + food + u'll b laughing. Altho, I reckon a week penniless in Ibiza is better than a mega mega flush week at home, so no competition for me!
I think you'll find that you will always spend more than you take, however much you take! I just take my plastic and work out the damage when i'm home.
I cannot believe you are even asking this question you nutter :D

Get on the web and book it now! Me and me fella went a couple of years ago for a week with £300 between us! Ok we didn't do the things we usually do or travel very far but the fact that we were there makes up for being a bit brassic!