How is everyday life in ibiza


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Hello there, how is everyday life in Ibiza? Do you have to wear a mask everywhere - shops, offices, restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, buses, taxis?

Are there limits to the number of people inside shops and you have to queue outside to get in?

Are tables at restaurants, tapas joints and bars set 2 meters apart? I assume there is no service inside, only outside on patios

Are the beach clubs on playa den Bossa open ? like Bora Bora, Ushuaia, Sir Rocco, Nassau Beach Club, Coco Beach?

not asking anything about the nightlife, it’s a washout based on everything I’ve read so far

finally, what happens if you get sick? What are the regulations and who pays? How do you get medical help? One obviously won’t be able to board a plane and go back home unless your out of country coverage includes private air ambulance and even if it does would be hard to argue the medical system in Spain is inadequate and you must have private evacuation

thank you


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hi george,

welcome to the forums....I'll reply to the questions, but 80% of the responses are already somewhere in the forums so next time search a little ;)

wearing masks: the only times/scenarios you have to wear a mask are: public transport (including taxis) as well as at the airport, shops and supermarkets and IF you get into crowds where you can't maintain the 1.5m minimum distance between each others (since ibiza currently isn't busy, that one doesn't apply anywhere really) and maybe hotel lobbies - I'm not 100% about this. so in actual fact what you do is always carry a mask with you (just as you carry your wallet and your phone with you), quickly put it on if you head into a supermarket or a shop or take a taxi and then take it off the moment you get out of said place. outdoors hardly anyone is wearing a mask right now. in a normal day, I'm wearing my mask maybe for 5-10mins.

the shopkeepers do limit the crowds in their shops yeah and depending on where you go you might have to wait a minute or two to get into somewhere, but it's not bad.

restaurants and bars do respect the safety distance (1.5m) and there is service outside as well as inside (but obvs it being ibiza everyone wants to be outside anyway).

playa d'en bossa: bora bora is open as a beach club and restaurant (no dancefloor action, but lots of sofas and beds and music), ushuaïa is closed and stays shut this year, nassau opens today, coco beach is open already, sir rocco I'm not sure but would think might stay closed because ushuaïa is shut.

nightlife is different obviously, but there are small things going on now, like las dalias, pikes, la granja, bora bora, o beach, ibiza rocks, one weekly shindig at cala bonita etc. there might be more soon, but the big clubs won't open this summer and it's currently all socially distanced fun where you're at / around tables. obviously there are private parties happening though but that only works through contacts.

if you get sick (covid) you'll get isolated of course. I'm not sure about the details, but IMHO if you wanna travel this year, I'd make sure I'd have a good travel insurance (you should always have that, but even moreso right now).


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Thank you very much Stivi, appreciate! I did read the forums, especially your posts, but with the situation changing all the time I thought I’d ask. For ex I was under the impression you have to wear a mask on the beach but maybe this was an old rule