House Music Movie

no! new to me - how did you find this?

hmm, a search just brought up nothing - I'll ask on DJH
Dunno - random web search I guess.

Looks interesting though eh?

Still want to see that Ibiza film...rather pi$$ed off I missed that when it was doing the rounds.


On another note...the NYC Downlow (the centre of my clubbing universe for the past three years) are also releasing a film.

"Think of ‘Paris Is Burning’ as the warm-up, honey.. as you ain’t seen nothing yet." :lol:

Literally can't wait. 8)

2008 was all acid house from the likes of Felix Dickinson => :eek:

...and check out the scenes:

Particularly liking the tranny swimming costume from 'Manly' (Australia). :lol:

"Along with footage of house music in action, the film also captures candid conversations about house (also called electronic dance music) with authors, artists, club owners and cultural expert"

err is it me or does this sound like some major league wackness?
It does :lol:

...but on the other hand it makes a teeny bit of sense. (if you dig for it.)

House is a term that's been around for years and is developing a kind of stigma. In 2007 it was a dirty word on a lot of dance floors purely because everyone was sick of all the $hit funky house spin offs (a bit like disco sucks in the late 70s).

It's no longer a term that the kids can call their own so a terminology shift is inevitable sooner or later.