Hotels in Ibiza Town


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Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of advice....

I'm looking to stay in or near Ibiza town for 5 days at the end of September/early October, we don't really want anywhere too flashy as we're hoping the weather will be good enough to be out and about for most of the time. We are thinking we would rather save money on the hotel and spend more on nice meals out, etc etc.

Two places we were looking at (budget!) are

Apartamentos Jabeque


Luxmar Aphtl

Has anyone had any experiences staying in these hotels? We are quite happy to walk 15/20 mins into Ibiza Town to eat, etc as long as the walk isn't too difficult and it's safe (i.e not through dodgy areas or along a main road)??

Failing this, could anyone recommend a good place to stay?

Other things I am wondering, has anyone been before at that time of year? Will it be hot enough to sit on the beach?

We're probably going to hire a car for a day too, so my final question, if you had 5 days in Ibiza, what would be the one thing you have to see/do? (Clubbing aside as we plan on going to the Cocoon closing or Monza closing and Pacha closing on the Friday)....

Any help is much appreciated!

ok first atps are in a area called Es Vive.the next are in Figueretas.price them up see which is best deal..

Apartamentos Jabeque is a 15 min walk into ibiza town and 10 into playa den bossa.better for parking your car as well

Luxmar Aphtl is right at the far end of figueretas.not so good for car really.only a short walk into ibizatown.

your only talking 10 mins walk to either atps apart from each other.well i could do it in ten mins.

weather is still hot for beach.both are owned by gps.thing is if Luxmar Aphtl is not full enough they might move you to the Jabeque.or if not they will put you in the algarb hotel.

price the algarb up as well.thats only just down the road.use home page ok see maps to get a idea where hotels are.looks far but its not.i send you a link for prices on can go bnb room only or for a little extra h/b...and you could still skip a meal and eat out.

what dates you really i am out from 26th till 7th so i could be your guide for the day if you wish..give me something to do at least.i don;t mind at all.
I've stayed in the Luxmar twice and had good holidays there. If you end up in the Luxmar request an apartment on the top floor with a big balcony. We stayed there a couple of years back and were able to have a BBQ for about 15 people up there which was good. My friends were in the Jabeque when we went last September and I though the actual apartments were a little nicer than the Luxmar. I actually preferred the location of the Jabeque as well. Although a little further to Ibiza town it was closer to Playa D'en Bossa and more bars, restaurants etc. I would be happy to stay in either but if they were the same price I would personally choose the Jabeque.