Hotel Mare Nostrum????


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G'dey all. I'm making my first trip to IBIZA in a few weeks and am looking for a cheap hotel (traveling solo, which makes flats too expensive) near Bora-Bora or another great beach party scene.

I've seen mixed reviews on Mare Nostrum elsewhere, but a few sites are offering incredibly cheap deals for this hotel.

What are your thoughts? experiences? recommendations?

if its cheap take not far about good 10 min walk from bora bora thats all.what date you going anyway.
stayed there last year, rooms were ok, staff wasn't too helpful, but overall good for its price.
thx guys! I'm looking forward to it! I'll be there the second week of June. Ten min walk from Bora-Bora, eh? That's not bad, how's the beach scene close to the hotel?
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walk straight across road. carry on walking passed parked cars on to beach.turn right to bora bora.but the beach is 2 min away from hotel.goolge map it.thats fun to see how far you are away.but only if you know the area.use maps on home page.but your not far from most is about 12 min away if that.all depends how fast you walk.and how many bars you might stop in on the way.need any more help pm me ok.sent you some info look in your pm top of page ok.

what date in june you going
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