Hotel/Hostel young couple July



Hi, Im looking for advice on modestly priced accomodation in San Antonio which attracts a young couple type crowd (meaning being able to sleep a little) bed and breakfast upto £25/£30 per night Any ideas anyone or would Ibiza Town be better
If you want a really cheap deal on a room and flight you can wait till a little closer to the time and book on - you will get room/breakfast & flight for £200 ish.

Just an idea. Ibiza Town is gonna be more expensive though.
my friend stayed in a lovely room last year in san antonio called hostal mari a double room for 2 persons in july is 22.50 euro each per night if you want bed and breakfast it is 24.50 per person per night single rooms for 1 are 26.00 euro per night bed and breakfast 28.00 euro the rooms are kept well clean with a cleaner each day who puts clean bedding and towels in your room 6 days a week you have your own bathroom with bath/shower/toliet it is open 24hrs so you can come and go as you please mari the owner is lovely and there is a cafe that opens first thing in the morning. hostal mari can be found on this site under hotels in san antonio well recommended just a stone throw from all shope clubs etc good luck