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Discussion in 'Ibiza open chat' started by McRackin, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Amigo

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  2. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    Has anyone on here stayed at the Migjorn in PDB since it was done up? I wouldn't normally look at PDB but it's for IMS and I'd like to be near the conference.
  3. TazLondon

    TazLondon Member

    I like it.

    Staff are great especially Marcelo.
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  4. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    Great, thanks.

    I notice that it’s not down as adults-only. Were there many kids there?
  5. white_isle_calling

    white_isle_calling Well-Known Member

    @Clara I didn't stay there, but visited friends doing so on two separate occasions. From my limited experience, I really liked it.
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  6. LuckyBlueSuit

    LuckyBlueSuit Active Member

    Yes, several times. Absolutely superb. Spacious, clean apartments with a balcony and all mod cons, two pools - one quiet, one loud, gated for safety (hookers and dealers operate directly across the road), excellent spa, quality restaurant. Location is terrific for getting around and going to PDB clubs if that’s your thing. My go to 4 star hotel. Its not adults only but I’ve not seen many kids there. Prices vary wildly so look out for offers.
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  7. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    Sounds perfect (not including the hookers and dealers! )

    Actually seems like good value then so I’ll go for it. I’m staying with a mate, so having a bedroom and a nice looking sofa bed in the lounge area is ideal as she will likely want to stay out and party whilst I’m having an earlier night for the conference.
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  8. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

  9. Clara

    Clara Active Member

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  10. TazLondon

    TazLondon Member

    There are a few sometimes but it's a non-issue.

    Breakfast is excellent too.
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  11. Clara

    Clara Active Member

    Thanks and I've booked. Went for one of the Superior Junior Suites - the roof terrace looks great!
  12. Evolution

    Evolution Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Looking for somewhere to stay for a week, 2 adults and one 16 year old.

    Ideally San An or PDB, and not a full on party hotel.
    Looking for something modern, nice pool / outside area.

    Considering Gran Sol or Abrat at the moment. Any other recommendations?
  13. Digital2013

    Digital2013 Active Member

    Stayed at both of those and they were both fantastic, hard to decide between the two of them.

    Personally I prefer San An to Bossa, and think the Cala Gracio end of San An would suit a 16 year old as they can sample the sunset strip amd keep it reaosnably PG without the full on 'x rated' version of Ibiza!
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  14. LuckyBlueSuit

    LuckyBlueSuit Active Member

    I’ve not stayed in the ones you mentioned. My favourite four in PDB are Migjorn, Torre del Mar and both Sirenis - all very good 4 star options. Migjorn are more central and apartment based so you’d get some privacy from your 16 year old. The other three are further up towards Figueretas but quiet with a five minute walk to central PDB. The two Sirenis options are more dated than the other two. Migjorn is my fav out of the four in PDB and they do terrific offers through Expedia if you keep checking back.
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  15. Floyd

    Floyd Active Member

    I've stayed at the Gran Sol and Blau Park across the road. Both were sound, Blau Pk slightly better with a great sea-view.

    You wouldn't go wrong with either
  16. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    Gran Sol is clean and basic, with a better pool area than you'd expect. Location wise, good for Calo Moro, Calo Gracio, Sunset Strip. Not stayed at Blau Park, but pool area looks ok from above (my old flat looked on to it - though come to think of it, that's 12 years ago! Yikes!)
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  17. TheHiredGoon

    TheHiredGoon Active Member

    Done both too. Equally good I found. I’d recommend either.
  18. Buckley

    Buckley Well-Known Member

    Oh, and you can't go wrong at Cafe Bohemia across the road from the entrance of both for cheap beer and tapas
  19. sir!

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  20. Nobbie Q

    Nobbie Q Active Member

    Been staying in San Antonio basically for the last 4 years so just booked My Way Luxury Ibiza Studios in PDB. Place is huge, seems very modern, anyone been? I have free cancellation for it in case things change

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