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Discussion in 'Ibiza open chat' started by McRackin, May 26, 2017.

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  2. McRackin

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    It will be run by OD Hotels, also behind the famous OD Ocean Drive in Marina Botafoch, the rural hotel OD Can Jaume in Puig Den Valls, OD Talamanca in Ses Figueres plus another two in Barcelona and Mallorca...
  3. McRackin

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  4. JDMfrank

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    Couple of us looking to go out in June for a week plan is to stay in San Antonio, anyone recommend somewhere to stay cheap and cheerful but clean.
  5. SupaEuro

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    Haven't seen any news on Bora Bora yet? Anything new? Staying there for the first time with some fellas.
  6. Sez

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    Don Pepe is pretty good. Great location, just up from Savannah on the sunset strip. Pool area is a bit dated but clean & quiet. No bar though, however there is mini market opposite.
  7. Digital2013

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    Any early season updates from the hotels that are seeing massive makeovers? Such as the Costamar in San An is now unrecognizable (from the artists impressions at least) as the wi-ki-woo
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    I’m booked into the don Pepe for my holiday in July. I wasn’t looking for anything special and for the location and price this seemed like the ideal place.
  9. Fergi

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    Deoends how cheap. Central Park apartments or Casa Maria are good. Just whatever you do stay away from Piscis Park ( Pikey Park )
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    Ibiza Rocks Hotel update...

    We’re transforming our main pool / venue space to get it geared up for a summer of incredible parties. New stage, new sound system, new VIP spaces and much more. Here's a sneak peak of what our brand new set up looks like

  11. McRackin

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    The rural hotel Es Trull De Can Palau in the outskirts of Ibiza town (between Cas Mut and Can Bufi to be exact) has also been taken over by the Mambo Group and renamed as Casa Maca :!: :!:

  12. ibiza77

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    Remember Sa Clau in the days when the old man had it.Got a good price and one year when I was at the hospital with
    a punctured lung, I phoned him and said l´ll be some days late,he answered you don´t have to pay for the days your not here.
    A lovely guy.
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  13. carl288

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    Does anyone know how Sa Clau is looking currently? Is the refurb likely to be fully completed by June?
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  15. Don Simon

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    ^ ^ has "Reggae Reggae Beach Shack" opened again? After being closed for a couple of years,....
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  16. craig72

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    I was just thinking that..
  17. Baraca88

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    Is piscis being renovated? We were told last year by staff that it would be as it was a bit of a shit hole when we stayed. Decided to book elsewhere this year after I emailed them about their renovation and never received a reply
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    Was open last year. Did close about the end of September so I had to find elsewhere for day time drinking for my last few days.
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