Hotel Brisa 11th-19th July


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Alright guys and gals,

Everyone excited? The countdown is on - 7 weeks and 2 days!

Anyone at The Brisa or in Ibiza at same time? Stayed here last year and thought is was pretty reasonable, decent rooms (although we were on top floor and away from some of the noise), nice pool area, cheap beer. Not far from sunset strip.

Get there at 11am-ish on the saturday, straight to Pussycat Lounge to pick up our Zoo tickets.

Cant wait! :D:p:lol:
im there 8th july - 15th

stayed in the brisa a few years ago, wasnt a bad hotel, plenty of women to have a laugh with.

hopefully going Zoo this year as well.

its just taking to long to get here!!!!!!
Alright mate,

Yeah we thought the Brisa was decent thats why we are going back, lots of like minded people and not too many football shirts. Only problem we had really was the night security guard being a ***** wanting money and a passport for bringing a girl back. Big Tony! Hahaha.

How many of you are going?
i dont remember there being a security guard when we were there. There was quite alot of thefts though so aybe a few people complained!

there is 15 of us going out on the 7th, plus another 10 that we are meeting out there and one girl we know with all her mates that will be there also.
shaping up to be quite a holiday.
my buddy and i gonna be at ibiza rocks hotel from the 13th thru the 17th.
Would you recommend this hotel? Heard anything bad about it? And whats this talk about a zoo?

Sorry, its our first time out there.

i think the Ibiza Rocks Hotel is supposed to be pretty decent. Whenever i walked past it before it sounded like there were parties going on all the time. Dont think you will be dissapointed.

The Zoo Project is an abandoned zoo used to party in now.
worth checking out.
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