honourary cocktail for us all!!!whadya think??



guys i have just thought of a really good idea!we could arrange for us all to have a cocktail made at bora bora for all spotlight peeps to have when we arrive to meet up!!!whoever is in ibiza first could get the bar staff to make a wicked cocktail and give it a name like spotlight potion(probably much better names than that)they could have the cocktail on the menu for the whole summer!!!

sounds good to me!!!
whadya all think???
why on earth do they bleep out that word???ok how can i put it so it wont get censored-a mixture of drinks all together in one glass with a wicked name to honour spotlight members!and everyone has to drink one when we arrive!!!
yeah im aware of that robo and dont you worry i will be there!

i was thinking of an honourary c.o.c.k.t.a.i.l!!!that is what i was suggesting ,whdya think?