Homelands Weather


Yesterday it was saying thundery showers :twisted: so a bit of cloud and sun is definitely an improvement :D

Are you making an appearance Mr Robder :D
Still watching the weather from a distance but I know I'll end up there anyway...I always do!
I can cope with anything having been to THAT Glastonbury in '97 where everyone was caked in mud and got e-coli disease!
Did you ever used to do any of the Universe parties? (Tribal, Big Love etc)
The production at those was sooooooooo good!
I went to Tribal Gathering 96/97 when I was a young puppess, they were blinding events :D

All I keep telling myself about this years Homelands is that it can't be as wet and muddy as 2000 - dancing round up to your knees in mud, rivers running thru the tents, so after that I think I can handle anything :D Altho maybe not e-coli :eek:

But a bit of sun would be nice 8)
oh bloody hell, i can't take it much more :D or :( i dont' know

will someone please make a decision!

(make sure its the sun one!)
ok i give up
robder your site is saying rain and bbc weather is still saying sun and clouds

how the hell am i gonna know whether to take a damn rain mac or not

EH :evil: