hola ibiza



'tsup peoples,

who: the 3 most chill guys imaginable...spanish, brasilian and hawaiian by background...grew up in toronto

when: from 1st or 2nd to abouuuut the 7th (or maybe longer, depending on how much we like it)

why: admittedly, we're not the BIGGEST electronica fans in the world, but obviously there's much more to the island than that...plus we can party anywhere on the earth where there's oxygen and enough room to shake your a$$...AND we neeeeeeeed a break desperately...we work pretty hard year round for KM (Karin Men), 11 months of the year without a break *sigh*slavedrivers*sigh*...

[and Antonio wants me to add (he's sitting beside me in this internet cafe, minding my business) that "Karin Men is not the GAY institution that it sounds like it is" haha...actually its a modelling agency out of Nuuuuuuu York]

anyway, we're just looking to kick back, yet party hard, and meet some cool people from ALL over the world...

[Antonio's 2 cents: "take out 'people'...put in 'females'"
me: "HEY, how about you a) look at YOUR screen and b) write your OWN message?"]

how: message us back, let us know where youre going to be, what youre going to do, when you're going to do it...and with who ;)

peace & love,