Hip Hop!!!!!!!!!!!



Can anyone out there tell me what the best Hip/Hop music clubs are anywhere in Ibiza??? Cheers!!!!!!!!!
Robo said:
tim westwood has a residency in the global room at pacha on tuesdays for underater.

It's not a residency, the opening party is a one-off but may make appearance again over summer.
Rumor has it that Armand van Heldon bas been known to 'drop a little hip hop' in his sets ;)

(note: Armand van Heldon, not Armin Van Buuren)
twice as nice

not sure they

tend to do events in es paradis, it's a garage night which sometimes has a second room playing hip hop as you call it.

it you just want rnb or hip their are a couple of bars in the westend that play that kind off music.

sgt peppers, simply art club (the name has now changed) and the kremlin bar.